Relatively Healthy, Quick NYC lunches

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to be all over Manhattan and I am constantly trying new places.  I should probably preface this by saying I LOVE eating and I’m not that picky, but there are definitely some places that stand out in my mind and that I seek out on days that I work in that area.  So, if you are looking for something quick to eat that is under $15, you should try some of these yummy places.


Bento Sushi:

This place doesn’t have great Yelp reviews which surprises me, but I like it because it seems fresh, it’s very fast as all the options are in the refrigerators or they will make it for you fresh, and there are lots of different varieties.  I also love that they have little individual mochi available for purchase right by the register.  Green tea is my fave!!



This is a smaller chain restaurant in NYC, so there are a few locations but this is the only one I’ve been to.  I LOVE Sweetgreen!!! My favorite is the Kale Caesar Salad and yesterday I added in the curried cauliflower and the brussel sprouts.  It was SO good.  They always have fresh seasonal options and they have really delicious unsweetened iced tea (which is my favorite drink other than water and coffee)!

West Village/Union Square

Hummus & Pita Company:

This is one of my absolute favorite places to eat.  It is so delicious and you get SO much food for not a lot of moola!!! What could be better!  I have met the owners before, I am pretty sure they are brothers, but they are very nice and are always walking around making sure people liked their food and taking trash away for customers.  It is such a nice touch!  Also, this is like the chipotle of greek food.  You go down the line and can pick which meat or falafel you would like and then get to add various sides and unlimited veggies at the end.  They have tzatzki, tahini, and a variety of other sauces you can add at the end.  They also have amazing baklava!!! There is also another location that I just found in Financial District, and I believe they said that they are opening a third and maybe even fourth location, so search around the area you work, it’s worth it I promise!!!!

Roast Kitchen:

I’ve only tried this place once, but it was SO good that I decided it deserves to be on my list.  All the ingredients were really fresh and delicious and there were a ton of different protein and veggie options! You should definitely give it a try if you are in the area!

Hu Kitchen:

I’ve been here twice and both times I went I thought the food was amazing and fresh.  I got the rotisserie chicken which was delicious and all the veggie options were really yummy too.  I also saw the guy the played Del on Private Practice here, which was pretty awesome, and he was very nice, which is a huge plus!!  Most celebrities in the city don’t interact much, but he was really cool and said a few things to me while I was waiting in line with him!  I believe most, if not all of the food is organic.  Hu Kitchen can be a little pricey, although I feel like the quality of food is worth the price!  Also, there may be another location, but I am not sure!

Murray Hill

Dig Inn:

Although Dig Inn was much more generous when they first opened, I still love them.  They used to have big platters and you got to choose three sides, now you can only choose two, but you still get a decent amount of food for the price.  The food is fresh, the menu is always changing, and it’s sort of like the chipotle of healthy options.  You get to choose a grain or spinach or arugula to start, then you get to pick a protein to go on top, and then you get a choice of two sides.  My personal favorite sides are the Kale Apple Salad and the Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  They used to have this amazing spaghetti squash which was my favorite, but I’ve never seen it back.  This is also a small chain, so there may be others closer to your location!

Midtown East

Farinella Pizza:

This isn’t the best bang for your buck, but the pizza is so good and the ingredients are so fresh that it is definitely worth it!!! I also don’t know if this is the healthiest, but sometimes I like to tell myself that it is 🙂 They always have lots of different specialty slice options.  There is another location up on 79th and Lexington, too.  I would definitely add it to your list of places to try!!


This is one of my favorite places to meet one of my best friends, Drea, for lunch.  I personally love the buffet/salad bar that they have here because there are so many options, but Drea tends to go over to the sandwich area and she always says whatever she gets is very yummy!  There is another location in Flatiron, and maybe others that I am not aware of, but it is very good and you should definitely try it out!  I would make sure you have a little extra time when you go to Mangia because it does get crowded and sometimes is difficult to find a seat!

Well these are the options I can think of right now, but I may post again if I find anywhere I think is a must try!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

This is Drea and I--my Mangia friend!!
This is Drea and I–my Mangia friend!!

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