Life in Da Burbs!

One of the craziest, quickest, and best decisions my husband and I have made was to buy our home in Summit.  It was crazy not only because Dan had just purchased the engagement ring he planned to give me, but also because we were supposed to be “just looking around.”  I had no idea that Dan was going to propose, and decided one random afternoon that I was going to start looking around for houses we could afford.  I mentioned it to Dan and of course he was a little apprehensive when I asked if we could buy a house, but eventually he agreed to “just looking.”  One night after work, I picked Dan up at the Summit train station and we ventured over to a house for sale in Berkeley Heights.  The house was amazing, and being that I was dying for more space, I told Dan I think we should buy it. Dan being the more practical one in our relationship said we should look around a little more, especially in a town with a direct train station.  We had our realtor send us properties in cities with direct trains and that was when I saw the next house on our list of houses to look at.  We made an appointment to look at the house the following Sunday and my parents came along with us.  Once again I was obsessed with the house and told Dan we should buy it.  He agreed with me on this one, and we decided we would put in an offer that week!  It was honestly one of the most exciting weeks of my life.

We were so lucky to already know a great real estate lawyer, Mr. Thomas Walsh (  He guided us every step of the way and answered all of my silly questions.  We are so grateful for all his help because honestly I don’t think we could have done it without him.  Buying a house was a daunting process, but it was also really fun minus the whole terminating our lease with our GOD AWFUL management company–Applied Management–for our apartment in the Shipyard in Hoboken.  Word of advice, if you are moving to Hoboken and may need to terminate your lease DO NOT live in an Applied building.  They will take you to the cleaners and show no mercy.  They are complete money mongers in my opinion!!! Thankfully, Mr. Walsh also helped us to terminate our lease and explained our legal rights as tenants.

One of the other parts of moving that took a little while to sink in, was that I would be leaving all of my friends and the convenience and ease of getting in and out of the city whenever we wanted.  I also was so sad we wouldn’t have all the food options that Hoboken had and that we wouldn’t have Seamless!!  Now that we are homeowners for almost a year, I can honestly say I never looked back.  I loved Hoboken and all the memories I had there, but I am in love with Summit, it’s seriously the best!!!!!! We have a direct train into Manhattan, really yummy restaurants, a cute downtown to walk around in, and a super nice neighborhood to call home.  I always tell Dan I think we live in Pleasantville.  Our first winter in our house–we had help from many neighbors to shovel snow from our driveway, help us when our pipes froze, and even share a fun meal with when we were all home for a snow day!  We feel so lucky.  We also have a really nice tailor who lives across the street (huge plus!) and a street full of hard working neighbors that always offer a hand.  One of our neighbors likes to walk the park that is near our house and will even stop by and grab Thor to walk with her.  He loves it!  Our next door neighbor even cuts our grass sometimes if he is already cutting his own and ours needs to be cut.  We feel so fortunate to live where we live.

If you are considering making the move from the city/Hoboken to the burbs, don’t be scared!!! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I am also so lucky because it’s close enough to the city, so Dan and I can still work there and enjoy it during the day!  We also still see our friends, although not always as often as we’d like.  We also get to eat at amazing restaurants right in town, and occasionally get delivery from Zappia’s…yum!!!

If you ever have any questions about moving, buying a house, or anything in between, I would love to help!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Most exciting sign ever!!! Thanks to my Dad for taking this picture!!!
Most exciting sign ever!!! Thanks to my Dad for taking this picture!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement on this from holly (and dan!) getting excited to join you both in the burb life 😘


    1. Of course!!! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement on getting married!!! We can’t wait for you guys to be Burb people with us!! Now if only you were moving to Summit 😉 xoxo


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