Wedding Wednesday…

So I have to preface this blog post, by letting you know that I stole the idea of “Wedding Wednesday” from my super, fabulous, amazing, kind, and awesome photographer from my wedding, Anne Lee.  You can find a bunch of her work at (!! If you aren’t interested in reading about a wedding, this is your cue to close my blog for the day, and probably don’t read it on Wednesdays…

Anyways, as I stated before I really had the best wedding day I could have ever asked for.  I felt relaxed the entire week leading up to the wedding, and was able to enjoy our day SO much.  I was so fortunate because I received really great advice the week before the wedding from one of Dan’s boss’ Sam.  She told Dan whatever you do at your wedding don’t separate from each other because you don’t want to spend the entire night searching for each other and a lot of people want pictures with both of you or just want to see you together.  We literally stayed together the entire night with the exception of when I was on stage singing and dancing with the best band ever, Garden State Radio (  Although Dan wasn’t on stage with me, he was still keeping close!!! It really made a huge difference and we enjoyed the wedding together, every second of the day.

The other piece of advice she gave was more aimed at me and I tried with all I could to keep it in mind, every minute of the day–which was that everyone at the wedding feeds off the energy of the bride.  Even when I got annoyed/upset I made sure to keep my cool, take a breath, smile and have fun.  You only get one wedding day and one chance to do things right.  This is something my caterer, Chris Angione told me day in and day out (Carriage House Caterers-  Thank you Sam for the great advice!!!

After going through my own wedding, I have some of my own advice to add, one thing being that you should interview your vendors like you would interview someone watching your children!  The better the relationship you can form with the vendor, the better off you will be in the weeks leading up to the wedding and also on your wedding day.  I have to shout out to two of my wedding vendors, first Dave & Sarah from All Seasons Party Rentals (  Dave was so awesome when we first talked on the phone.  I just knew he was going to do the best job ever.  Dave also rescued us after we had a really bad experience with the first caterer we contacted.  Sarah had the most calming voice and always made me feel like everything was going to work out. They gave me such confidence in them so early on.  I felt like they were immediately my best friends.  The other vendor who was so incredibly helpful, is one that is also my friend, Erin Taylor (  Erin did my makeup for my wedding and was always there for me at all the right times.  She answered every single question I had, helped with scheduling, and overall just gave me the highest level of confidence possible.  The things that I loved most about Erin were that she made me feel like my wedding was the most important wedding she had all year, she was so quick to respond, prompt to arrive on the big day, and just always smiled and made me laugh through the trial and getting ready process.  Trust in your vendors, and be choosey, for they are the ones that will be with you up until that very day.  I even said to one of my friends that is in the planning stages that you should find people you would be okay with having as your best friends for the year, because in a sense they will be!!

My last piece of advice is to make sure that you enjoy each and every single moment of the weekend and week leading up.  I get teary eyed thinking of the week leading up to my wedding because we all came together to work on our wedding and it was such an amazing feeling.  Dan’s (and now mine!!) Aunt Mindy, Cousins–Jace, Shannon, Bill, Skylar, Christopher, Robert, Megan, all came to help us set up and make our day perfect.  My Gramma made signs, my Pop and Dad cut down branches for inside the tent, and my Mom and Dan’s mom worked tirelessly to orchestrate our day.  My sister answered every psycho text I sent her, all hours of the day, even as a new mom.  We also had the help of Dan’s dad, step-mom, and his brother, Jon, and wife, Laura.  Every single person helped!  I just still can’t believe all that they did for us.  It is so moving and makes me feel so good inside.  My favorite part of showing my pictures is saying that we made it all come together.  We had great vendors, but we also did a lot of it ourselves.  When people ask about the many signs, I am able to say “oh yeah, my sister-in-law made that,” or our Hay Bar which was one of my favorite things–that my dad and Dan built together.  Lastly, I just want to quickly thank Dan’s mom’s coworker and friend, Connie, who came to CT from TN to help our day come together while we were at the ceremony, calmed my nerves in the week leading up to the wedding, and helped to insure that all the details I wanted, were in place when the guests arrived.  If I forgot to thank you in this post, please know that we are grateful for any second of any day that you put in, whether it was planning to travel to our big day, being present at our wedding, or even just thinking of us if you couldn’t make it–thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Anyways, if you are wedding planning and need help, please let me know.  I had so much fun doing it!!!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Here we are hugging Dave from All Seasons and thanking him for bringing our dreams to life!!!
Here we are hugging Dave from All Seasons and thanking him for bringing our dreams to life!!!

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