Belize Life…put ya phone down!

Our Honeymoon was one of the most amazing vacations I have ever taken.  My roommate from college, Michelle, told me regardless of where you go it will be so much fun because it’s your honeymoon!!!  She was so right, but on top of that I just fell in love with Belize.  We traveled to a town called Hopkins, South of Belize City.  It was such a great little town–to say the people were nice, would be the biggest understatement.  The people were so genuinely kind, and weren’t looking for anything in return.  It was such a refreshing feeling.  They wanted to hear all about the U.S. and our wedding, it was really so nice, and so interesting to hear about their lives.  A few other Americans at the resort we stayed at, agreed that the kindness of the workers and the people who lived in Hopkins– was truly contagious.   As we walked around the resort, travelers always said hello, which I have never encountered on any trip I have taken.  I just wonder if more people said hello, and smiled on a daily basis, if our world would be a kinder place.  In Manhattan, if you say hello to a stranger, you are often glared at or just ignored.  It’s so weird, and Dan and I were taken aback by the constant greetings when we were in Belize, initially.  Then by the end of day two, we were saying hello to everyone and waving to everyone in town when we drove around on the golf cart, it became one of our favorite parts of going to town.  My brother-in-law, Joe, would definitely fit in perfectly in Belize, he loves to wave while driving around haha.  I also loved that the little kids in the town were fascinated by the golf carts, they would ask to jump on the back for a ride around, and sometimes even just jumped on without asking haha, it was a lot of fun.  The gas in Belize is extremely expensive, like around or over $10 a gallon.  Being that many of the people we met make $24 a day to work, it is almost impossible for each individual to have their own car.  This is a luxury we take for granted in the U.S.  In Belize, so many people hitchhike.  We had a little family from Punta Gorda riding in on our golf cart on the way to town the one day, and they were just SO excited that we just got married.  It was so cute.  They kept offering their blessings, and just were a genuinely kind family that smiled the whole way into town.  It just made my whole day!

One of the best parts of our honeymoon was that we didn’t get cell service in our room.  We only got in in the lobby of our hotel.  We used it to check in with our family here and there but, all in all, we pretty much unplugged for our entire honeymoon.

Unplugging made me realize a lot of things.  I realized that I am so obsessed with my phone, the internet, Facebook, instagram, and mainly other people’s lives.  Instead of living my own and enjoying every second of my life, I find myself addicted to what everyone else is doing, and everyone else’s pictures.  In Belize, only a few people had Facebook, and most restaurants had Wi-Fi, but I found myself not even wanting to get on it.  I loved it!!!!!  It made me think about and reflect on my past and I am completely guilty of going out to dinner with an old friend and playing on my phone at the table or sending one last text while someone is standing there waiting for me to answer their question.  I have to say I’m not really proud of my phone addiction and I am so sorry if I have ever overused my phone while I should be enjoying time with YOU!

It is so crazy because sometimes I will be walking in Manhattan for work and someone will run right into me, head on, with their head down plugging away on their phone.  It’s actually scary how we have all become phone zombies!  Anyways, hopefully by reading this you will think about the times you choose to use your phone.  Do you really need to send that text right now? Do you really care what someone from high school is doing on a Saturday?  Get out and live your life…you only get one!  Be present when you are with your friends and family…chances are– your parents and grandparents have some pretty great stories that you’ve never even heard before.  You never know how long you will have with the people you have today in your life, so take the time and enjoy their presence.  Once you start becoming more conscientious of your phone obsession and put it away more often, I can promise you, your life will change–I think for the better!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

I don't really think this picture needs a caption...
I don’t really think this picture needs a caption…

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