Finding a career idol…

When I was younger  I used to think that, without a doubt, I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I thought this was always going to be my ultimate goal in life and I wanted kids, lots of them, and I wanted to stay home to nurture them and be there for every second of their lives.  I am not saying anything against stay-at-home moms, but I’ve just realized, now that I have a career and a job that I like, I think I would ideally like to stay working.

When I working in previous jobs, at times, I dreaded going to work.  Even when I was a pharmaceutical rep, I somewhat dreaded my job.  I felt like it wasn’t really my calling and I felt weird going into offices and asking doctors to write my specific medication in place of all the other medications that may be similar, but may also be different.  Now that I work for Neutrogena, I like going to work.  I LOVE seeing my dermatologists every day and I try my best to make every call fun and different.  Although sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

The one thing I love about Neutrogena is that I have been introduced to some of the best and most driven women.  These women are doctors and they are so passionate about what they do!  It’s awesome and amazing all at the same time.  One particular doctor I have met through my job is Dr. Liz Hale.  Dr. Hale is unlike any doctor I have ever called on.  She is so kind and genuine, but still a very hard worker.  She has a family that she always puts first and still has her own practice, with her sister.  Her sister, Dr. Julie Karen, is also a truly amazing doctor.  The thing that I love best about going to their office–Complete Skin MD is that they always put their patients first (  I know this because I am also a patient of their’s.  There you have it, I get asked all the time, which dermatologist I see, and the truth is I see Dr. Karen and Dr. Hale for my skin checks, and then I see Dr. Rachel Nazarian ( and Dr. Marnie Nussbaum ( for all of my random skin questions.  The truth is seeing a dermatologist isn’t as scary as people think it may be.  I love going to the dermatologist. (Also, if you prefer a male dermatologist–Dan saw Dr. Akhavan and loved him–of course this is after I forced him to get a skin check, promised him the derm was great, and made the appointment for him….

Anyways, I feel that the biggest takeaway I have received from my job is the epiphany that I have had–that women can be a force to be reckoned with, when they put their minds to it.  I hope that one day I can be as successful as Dr. Hale & Dr. Karen and have people who trust me and value my opinion.  I hope people that I interact with think that I am intelligent and a hard worker, especially when I start my own family.  I want to have a daughter that looks up to me and hopes to one day have a career like I do.  I always wonder why some people are capable of flawlessly doing it all, and making it look easy.  My aunt Karen is this way.  She has two children, a full time job, and she still manages to be at every family function and if I need to chat or just have a question for her, she is always available and able to chat with me.  I am grateful to have women in my life who have made awesome career and family decisions.  I pray that I can one day find this balance and continue to enjoy both my work life and my family life!

So here is your challenge, find someone that inspires you at work!  Find someone that shares your similar goals and values—figure out how they got to where they are and GO FOR IT!!! Chances are if you share with them that they inspire you to do big things, you will really make their day!!!!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Rretty self explanatory!
Pretty self explanatory!

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