Decorating our first home…

Wow! This week has felt so incredibly long for some reason, so I am happy to finally have Friday here.  We don’t really have anything crazy going on this weekend.  Probably just working around our house.  We initially had planned to paint our deck this weekend, but the power washer was not cooperating yesterday when my dad came over to prep the deck.  We are so lucky to have my dad in our lives.  He is the most handy human I know.  He literally can do anything, or if he doesn’t know how to do it, he usually figures it out.  I love watching him work and assisting, when he lets me.  I have always liked helping him, even though I was probably far from helpful and asked too many questions–haha!  One of my favorite memories working with my dad was when Dan was away on his bachelor party in Vegas.  My dad, mom, and I decided that we would re-tile our kitchen floor, with hopes to finish it in one weekend.  Our kitchen is pretty teeny, but also pretty adorable in my opinion.  We starting ripping up the existing laminate on the floor on a Friday evening and continued working through the weekend.  Somewhere in the middle of ripping up the floor my mom and I went up to CT to do some wedding planning with Granny Janie (Dan’s Mom).  It was a crazy weekend, but we somehow got the floor finished in time for my bridal shower, which was the following weekend.  I just feel so proud of our floor and even though my dad probably wanted to flip out because we gave him such a short turn around time, it really fun to do it together.

I am obsessed with HGTV, Pinterest, and really any DIY idea sites.  I just love things that are homemade.  I have recently become obsessed with this Etsy shop, Jenuinely Made:

This shop is owned by a very talented artist, Jenna, who graduated from the same high school that I did.  Everything she makes is…AMAZING!  It is so fun.  I feel so fortunate that I know her.  She literally will customize and bring to life anything you ask for.  I had her make a sign for my sister to put with portraits of her babies, “Thank You” signs for our wedding, and now she is working on a large wood piece for my house, which I know I will absolutely LOVE!  There is something to be said about being able to customize pieces for your home.  I tell Jenna when I find something I like on Pinterest and she recreates it in whatever size I want, whatever color I want—it’s just awesome!  I really just love supporting small businesses!  It’s so fun and so much more personal!

My other favorite places for looking for home decor are Pottery Barn, TJMaxx/Home Goods, Jennifer Convertibles, World Market, and West Elm.  I always like to use a coupon at West Elm and Pottery Barn because there stuff can be crazy expensive.  We registered at Pottery Barn, and although their registry customer support was awful, all of the things we received are beautiful and I just know I will cherish them forever!  I also never realized that you can use Pottery Barn gift cards at West Elm.

Well, I think that is all I have for today…I would love to see some fun decor pieces you have found for your home, if you want to share please email them to me at or you can tag me on instagram @hollyontheblog.  I am still navigating the world of blogging, but I am loving it so far–if you have any suggestions on my blog or questions you can also email me whenever!

I think I will plan to have a glass of Sterling Sauvignon Blanc when I get home from work today…thanks Jac for the bottle!  The weather has been so warm lately that I am finding myself craving my favorite summer drinks.  Usually this time of year, I like red wine a little more, but I am not complaining about the nice weather we have been having!!!

Thank you for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

My AWESOME Dad hard at work!!! We LOVE Rudy!!! Thanks for the best housewarming present ever!!!

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