Feel GOOD Friday!

As I previously shared–I went to school for teaching, but didn’t exactly love being a classroom teacher.  I still find myself fascinated with teaching and I am always reading articles and blogs about teaching.  I still get excited when I pass by a teaching store and sometimes if I have some extra time I do a loop around the store.  I hope to make my own children love school, as much as I do.  I still get so excited when I learn something new, and if I could get myself motivated to study for my GMAT, I would absolutely love to go back for my MBA.

That being said, I am also fascinated at how some teachers are just great teachers.  Some teachers go above and beyond to make their students feel special.  The sad thing is, those same teachers probably do not get the recognition they deserve.  I saw this article that was shared by one of my friend’s Christin, who I went to high school with.

This article and video are so worth watching and reading.  I just love this teacher and his ability to make his kids feel amazing.  The hardest thing for me as a teacher was that I could only really control the environment my kids were in when they were in my classroom.  When I taught in Florida, I used to hear other teachers pick on my students, and you can be sure I said something, when I had the teacher alone.  Too many kids have teachers that don’t lift them up and make them excited to learn.  I wonder if more teachers started their day like this teacher, Chris Ulmer–what kind of students would we produce?  For the kids that struggle with the standardized schooling system–I think Chris Ulmer would help them to feel successful…

Here is the link to the article and video:  http://themighty.com/2015/11/the-brilliant-way-this-special-ed-teacher-starts-class-every-day/

I smiled the entire time I watched this video.  I wish I could send this teacher a thank you note for making my day and I am sure the day of all of his students.

Thanks for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…

How can anyone not love Dr. Seuss?!

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