Certainly a BLESSING…

I posted this quote the other day to Facebook that said “Everyone that comes into your life is either a blessing or a lesson.”  I liked the idea of this blessing/lesson.  I feel like I am constantly meeting new people with my job and sometimes the connections I form with certain ones make me appreciate and enjoy my life more.  I guess these people are my blessings.  There are so many blessings in my life, which is so great and something I am certainly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The thing that I struggle with most is when people come into my life that I initially feel are a blessing, and then quickly they turn into a lesson…

I don’t understand how certain people can go from being so kind and thoughtful, to so inconsiderate and unkind.  What makes people flip the switch??  In high school, this used to wear on me like crazy.  I always felt worried about the why…Why are people acting this way?  Why are people saying these things?  Why do actions speak so much louder than words?

The older I get, the more I realize I don’t have enough time in my life to consume myself with these lessons.  The truth is, sometimes I still get consumed by it, regardless of how hard I try not to.  I always make a vow to myself that I will learn the lesson, and move on, but sometimes it’s not that easy…

The one thing that I am personally grateful for is that I have a sister.  I have a sister that still loves me even when we are SCREAMING at each other via text, and is there to discuss these lessons in my life.  I know that I sometimes take her for granted, but I try not to, too often.  It is so interesting how our relationship has evolved.  In her Matron of Honor speech at my wedding, she shared that I used to always copy her and now she copies me.  This made me laugh really hard.  Why would she want to copy me?  I’m a self proclaimed crazy person.  It was really, though, the nicest compliment, and such a nice way of saying it.

So, being that this is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to take each day, to be thankful for someone or a group of people in my life.  Reflecting on your life and being thankful for what you have is something you should all do this week.  It’s a great exercise to really dig deep and realize how truly lucky you are!!

Who are you thankful for today?  Maybe, you should tell them!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day (too hard to choose just one!)…

These are just a few of my favorite pictures with my sister, although, somehow Dan, Joe, and Rudude (my dad) snuck into a few…

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