Thankful that this Wednesday is basically a FRIDAY!


In sticking with my routine Wedding Wednesday posting, I’ve decided to recognize a few people that made our wedding day truly a dream come true.  Those people are our parents and grandparents.  Getting married is a lot of fun, but it is also very stressful and very costly.  Without the help of our parents and grandparents, our wedding day would have probably been at the court house–without a band, tent, and amazing food!  The initial planning that goes into a wedding is, for lack of a better word, shocking! I felt like every vendor I called and every idea I had, was just soooooo expensive.  The rational side of me could not even comprehend why we would spend that much for a 5 hour reception and one day out of the rest of our lives.  Thankfully, our parents and grandparents helped us to realize what would be important for our big day, and which things we could probably do without.

Dan and I feel so lucky that we have such supportive and loving parents that attempt to teach us how to be good people.  Our grandparents also are so impactful in our lives.  Unfortunately Dan’s grandmother was battling stomach cancer, so she did not make it to our big day.  It was very tough for us both to not have her there, for anyone that knew her, knew that she was without a doubt the life of the party.  One of my favorite memories with Dan’s grandma was when we were at Dan’s dad’s house and Agnes decided that she wanted to dance.  We turned up the music and danced and danced.  She had the biggest smile on her face.  I was so happy that I was able to carry her picture with me on my bouquet because it made me feel like she was with us both throughout the day.

My parents spent many weekends road tripping it up to CT to visualize and plan our big day…one of my favorite memories was 2 weeks before our wedding when we decided to paint a million signs and build a bar made from hay that Janis, Dan’s mom, found on Pinterest.  The excitement Janis had once the hay bar was complete was just so awesome.  It was fun to see everyone working hard and having fun to put together this event.  I also laugh thinking back to one morning when Dan was still sleeping and Janis and I were up early with Thor, and we decided to go through all the crafts we wanted completed.  We sat there with a yellow lined pad of paper making a page for each craft, with a picture attached.  We felt so accomplished when Dan woke up, and immediately asked him if he was impressed with our organization.  He basically just looked at both of us, like we lost our minds.

Dan’s Dad and wife, Joanne planned the best rehearsal dinner for us at Sal’s Pizza.  It was absolutely perfect and the decorations were so cute.  Joanne also came over a few days before the wedding to help us create some signs.  Joanne painted our “smore sign,” which many guests posted pictures of because it came out so cute!

My grandparents were kind enough to purchase my wedding dress for me, which I will forever be grateful for.  It was such a weight off my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier with the way it came together after it was altered to fit perfectly.  The actual trips to the dress shop were a little awful as the employees were a little interesting, to put it nicely, however seeing the look on my grandma’s face at my first fitting made me forget everything!!

In closing, thank you to our parents and grandparents for the guidance, love, and support that you provided for us on our big day.  Your love is never questioned, and for that we thank you!  We cannot wait to see you all over these holidays, and especially to celebrate my father-in-law, Sal’s birthday this weekend!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…

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