A Weekend Full of FUN and FAMILY

This weekend was just way too much fun.  I am a little sad that Thanksgiving is over…but I have to say, I am super excited that we are now officially into the Christmas season.  Throughout my entire life, I have been asked the same question, you must be born around Christmas with Holly as your name, right?!  The truth is no, I was actually born in June, but my dad’s name is Rudolph and my mom, Donna- or Donner for Christmas’ sake.  Maybe this is why I love Christmas so much!!

Last Saturday, Dan and I went to the Christmas Tree Shop near our house to shop for some Christmas decorations for our house.  This is the first Christmas we will spend in our home, as we closed on our house last year on 12/22!  We have been so excited for all of the fun that comes with decorating for Christmas.  It actually took everything in me to not completely decorate our house before our guests arrived on Saturday for Italian Thanksgiving.  I tried and tried to wait, but I ended up having to allow myself to put garland on our two railings and put our candles in the window.  We found these really great candles at Christmas Tree Shop that have 8 hour timers built in.  So, they are on for 8 hours and then turn off for 16.  It is so nice to not have to have all the extension cords and masking tape that I remember my dad battling with as a child!

Being that the title of this post is regarding the weekend, I guess I should cover that topic, as well.  We had the best weekend ever!  Long weekends are always fun, I always enjoy having a little more time to run around and get things done.  We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad’s house, which was so much fun.  My cousins came up from VA with their three little ones, and we had such a great time playing with their little ones!  Their youngest son cracked me up because he was fascinated by Thor, and every time that Thor would bark while playing with my parent’s dog Timmy, Caleb would bark back.  It was so cute.  Their daughter was a little scared of Thor at first, but it was so neat to see how she started to warm up to him and then even made her Dad bring her out on the deck, so she could be near Thor.  Thor is a very big and wild dog, but he is obsessed with kiddos, which makes me a happy dog mama.  Friday, we spent most of the day sprucing up our house and preparing for guests on Saturday.  We would have never had our house ready if not for our grandparents and parents help.  My Dad was a saint and ran around fixing and hanging everything I asked him to.  It is amazing how easy he makes it look and how fast he can calculate exactly where a picture/shelf/tambourine etc. should hang!

Saturday, we hosted our first Italian Thanksgiving.  It was not only delicious, but also an all around great time.  It is so nice that our family takes time out of their busy schedules to come and spend time with us at our house.  We had a total of 21 people over, including the stars of Italian Thanksgiving…our nieces!!!! They are such great babies, that love to be held by all.  I especially loved watching my mother-in-law with them because although she doesn’t have any grand babies yet of her own, I know she is going to be the absolute best Granny Janie one day!!!  I also love seeing my husband with the babies because as time goes on he is getting more and more comfortable holding them, and now it doesn’t look like he is holding a precious football anymore!  He is definitely a natural, he just needed some pointers from my sis and brother-in-law to bring out his inner baby love!  We also celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday on Saturday.  We surprised him with some of his favorite Juniors cheesecake and a birthday song, which had him smiling from ear to ear!  We were so honored that he chose to spend his birthday weekend with us at our house!

On Sunday, I could no longer wait and finally asked Dan to bring down the Christmas decorations.  My mother-in-law spent the night with us, so she helped us a little bit in the morning, which was fun.  We blasted Christmas music and laughed as we set up the manger and said goodbye for the season to our beloved Thanksgiving decorations.

All in all, it was just a wonderful weekend.  We had so much and so many people to be thankful for this weekend.  It is weekends like this that remind me how truly blessed I am to have the family that I do.  I can’t wait for the future and all the fun it will bring!  I hope that you had a fun weekend, too!!!!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…we aren’t completely finished decorating yet, but we are off to a good start!

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