Our Engagement Story…from my perspective…

Recently I have heard a lot of my friends being unsure as to whether or not it was worth it get engagement pictures before their big day.  I personally was not so sure if I wanted them but our photographer highly suggested them because she said it gives her a chance to get to know us in front of the camera and we had a chance to get to know her style.  I have also seen some things on Facebook recently poking fun at people that post their engagement pictures–basically saying that your friends on FB have no desire to look through/see your engagement pictures.  I also wasn’t sure if I wanted them because Dan had surprised me and hired a photographer for our actual engagement, so I just felt like we were going to have so many pictures of us, I wondered what we were possibly going to do with them all.  In hindsight though, I am glad we had a separate engagement session in addition to our actual engagement day photos.

I was completely shocked when Dan proposed.  We had just had the offer accepted on our home, so I thought there was no way we would be getting engaged anytime soon.  I had a weekend full of friends the weekend of our engagement and was treated to a super special mani-pedi on Friday night after work with Rachel, who introduced Dan and I.  Rach tricked me by saying that she was cancelled on by a client for a mani-pedi at the Red Door Spa in NYC (http://www.reddoorspas.com).  When we were picking out colors for our nails and I picked out a bright obnoxious blue color, Rachel said she thought I should go for a nude color or light pink, the thought that I might be getting engaged lightly crossed my mind.  I never said it to Rachel because I thought I was losing my mind and looking way to far into Rachel’s suggestion.  We had the best mani-pedis and were super relaxed and drank some champagne during them.  It was so fun and I was so glad that Rachel’s client cancelled on her.  At one point when our conversation went quiet my thoughts began to race again and I concocted the idea that maybe Dan was going to propose when I got home and then we were all going to go over to Rachel’s apartment and my family was going to be there.  We had already had plans to go over for dinner after we got home from our Spa Night!  In my head, I was thinking this would be the perfect cover and explain all this spoiling by Rach.  I got home and Dan said “okay, are you ready to go over to Rachel & Matt’s?”  I was so confused and almost said, “well aren’t you going to propose first?”  I, then, dismissed all my crazy thoughts as we headed out the door without a proposal.  I was completely fine with all of this, and thought it made sense we weren’t engaged because in 60 days we were closing on a new house!

Flash forward to Sunday, I had plans to go and check out a new storage unit for work near our new house.  I was supposed to look at the storage unit quick and then run back to Hoboken and go out to brunch with our friends Erin & Marc.  I went over to the storage unit, and I must have grabbed something to eat…I don’t really remember.  But, somewhere along the way I decided I wasn’t really that hungry for brunch so I texted Marc & Erin and asked them if they would mind rescheduling.  They  said no, and I told Dan, I won’t be back for a little while because I am going to run over to Home Depot to “play” and pick some stuff out for our new house.  Little did I know, Dan was waiting at the pier in Hoboken, my family and friends were all at the Biergarten in Hoboken, and here I was frolicking around Home Depot.  I really didn’t understand why everyone was yelling at me to go back to Hoboken.  Didn’t they understand I wanted to research drills on a Sunday?  I proceeded to call my Dad and ask him about 30 questions about Ryobi drills, paint for cabinets, packing materials for our move, etc.  I didn’t realize that the entire time I was talking to my dad, he was at the Biergarten with all my friends and family. Everyone was yelling at my dad to stop answering his phone, and at one point my dad even told me I should probably go home and go back to Home Depot on another day.  I finally started my adventure home, but not before calling Dan and telling him to be in the Lobby because another adventure on my list of Sunday tasks was to head to Jennifer Convertibles to look at the furniture I picked out.  Dan was being so weird about waiting in the lobby of our building and kept telling me that I should come upstairs.  I told him he should help me carry all the stuff I brought from Home Depot out of my car and he told me he would help me later.  I didn’t realize all these texts were coming from the pier, where he had been waiting with a photographer for over an hour…maybe two, because I was not following his grand plan.

Dan eventually told me to come to the pier to see a new trick he taught Thor.  I told him “no, I’m not coming, I am going to clean the apartment while you have Thor out of the apartment.”  He then kept telling me I just had to see this trick, to which I replied, “your phone can take videos, or you can just FaceTime me and show me, I am very busy.”  Finally he somehow convinced me to go to the pier, I am not sure how, but off I went.

As I walked up I saw that Thor was wearing a T-shirt.  I thought this was a little strange, but I still didn’t really think I would be getting engaged.  As I walked up Dan said hi to me and probably wanted to smack me after all it took to get me there and then he asked me if I looked at Thor’s shirt…which I then read…and as I was reading, Dan got down on one knee and opened up the box, and I think I just sort of blacked out for a second.  I remember saying to Dan, “OMG do we have to return the ring or the house?!?!?!??!”  He told me neither, thank god….

After we finished our celebrating, he told me to turn around and I did and that was when I saw the photographer.  I was laughing so hard when it all came together and I realized how truly difficult I was to propose to.  We then went over to the Biergarten, where I was surprised to see all our friends and family.  Our family travelled from all over and our friends were there from Philly/Pittsburgh/NYC, and beyond.  It was truly amazing and the best feeling in the world.  I couldn’t believe that everyone kept this a secret.  I always thought that I would ruin my own engagement by figuring out it was about to happen.  I still successfully delayed the engagement with my wandering around Home Depot, but in my defense I had no clue what was about to happen.

I still get so happy looking through our pictures from the day…it was one of the best days of my life, and I am so happy so many people were a part of my big day…

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…


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  1. Elle says:

    Congrats on your engagement!

    Have courage,
    Elle | Elleword.com


  2. Joanna says:

    Holly, I stumbled across your blog and it is too cute! Congratulations on your wedding and new adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Joanna!! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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