Please don’t ask me if I am pregnant!

So, I try to keep everything as positive on here as possible, but the weirdest thing has happened to me in the past few years–even prior to getting married.  It happens to me at work more than anything, but has definitely been on a steady increase since we got married, and I just feel like I need to give the world a gentle reminder that it’s really not appropriate to ask girls if they are pregnant!!!!

Pregnancy is a very sensitive subject and to answer any questions, “yes, we would like to eventually have a baby, but we also want to enjoy being married for a little while.”  I am completely fine if people ask me if we want to start a family soon, and share that they are excited for us to have babies, but jeesh can a girl get some time?!  It makes me laugh because prior to us getting married, everyone would ask me when I was going to get engaged…again, this is an awkwardly inappropriate question.  It is just so funny because the same people that ask me if I am pregnant or previously asked me when I was going to get engaged, are the SAME people that tell me not to rush in life.  I appreciate your advice–but asking me all these questions every time I see you, is leading me to believe that you think I should be engaged or should be pregnant…

I have some offices that I call on for work that as soon as I walk in, they say, “so are you pregnant yet?”  I try to make light of the situation and always ask back, “no, are you?”  But they still don’t get the hint that they don’t need to ask me each and every time I come by, with that being the very first question they ask!!

The thing that bothers me the most about this, is that many people struggle to get pregnant, and I am not saying that I know that will be me, but one day it could be me.  I just always think to myself…what if I want to be pregnant one day, and I’m not and these people just keep asking me!?! I feel like I am eventually going to get upset, and for that reason, I just wish people wouldn’t ask.

The other thing that bothers me, is that weight is a sensitive issue for many people.  I personally fluctuate, especially during this time of year–and I don’t need a reminder that I have put on a few extra pounds.  I have had women in my office tell me that “I look pregnant,” and the jersey girl in me always wants to fire back with “well, so do you, but I wouldn’t ever say that because it’s not nice to say.” I actually had one lady in one of my offices tell me she didn’t realize I was as big as I am…I am a size 4 sometimes a 6 on a bad day…and I don’t personally consider myself “big.”  It is just the weirdest thing.  The common thread that I realize is that it is always women who say these things to me, but I am sure if I said it to them, they would probably tell me off.  Why are women so critical of other women?!  It’s ridiculous, in my opinion.  I actually had the most ridiculous encounter yesterday in one of my offices, when a patient in a waiting room asked me if I was part of the “pharmaceutical convention.”  I replied nicely, “I am not sure what you mean?”  To which she replied, “You know all you reps just come into offices one after the next, I am just wondering why.”  I politely replied back, “If you have a problem with reps than that is something that you should discuss with the doctor or the staff, these staff members have actually asked me to come by with samples for patients like you.  If you go in and ask for a recommendation for a product and the doctor gives you a sample–that sample came from a rep.” She replied, “Oh sorry I am not trying to be CUTE or anything I am just wondering why you’re here…”  This made my blood boil, but once again, I heard my mom and dad in my head telling me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”–so that is just what I did, I smiled and stopped speaking to this GOD AWFUL woman!!!!  People in Manhattan, specifically patients of dermatologists, can just be so RUDE sometimes.  I hear the tone they use with staff and even with doctors.  It makes my SKIN CRAWL!  There is like this I am better than you attitude, and honestly it is usually coming from a hideous person on the outside that is showing their true colors on the inside.  I often find it is always women, again!!!  It goes back to my point of women knocking women down.  I wish I could ask the GOD AWFUL woman in that office, if she felt better about herself for belittling the career I have chosen for myself.  A career that I enjoy and have fun doing.  I also wish I could have asked her why was she in the office after all–was she there for her Botox injections?  Because if she was, I would love to let her know that Botox does not make you a nicer person!!!!

Sorry for the long winded rant, but I just think that women need to be a little more supportive of other women.  It’s not appropriate to ask people why they are gaining weight, if they are pregnant, when they are getting engaged or why they are working and doing their job.  I didn’t realize the world needed a reminder, but here I am on my soap box because when it happens time and time again and it is always an older person talking down to me, I just can’t help but say something to you my readers.  I can only hope that you all just think a little before you ask those loaded questions…put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and think if you would like if someone asked you what you are about to ask…

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

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