Feel GOOD Friday…Take Some Time to Give Some Time!

I’ve always been a fan of volunteering my time, as I am very fortunate to have a job that pays me enough to live off of, a husband who brings home the bacon, and a dog that lays on the couch while we work (we still love you THOR!).  In an effort to give back during this holiday season we decided to get involved in some local volunteering opportunities.  I feel like the holidays are always a perfect time to give back, I think that you appreciate the things you have more when you can allot time in your schedule to do things for others.

One of the activities we have been involved with is through our local church and it is the Advent Giving Tree, which I believe I wrote about in a previous post.  We did all our shopping for our family of four children.  We are currently wrapping and getting the gifts ready for Christmas!! We hope our adopted family loves their gifts!

The other activity that we plan to put more time into is the Home For Good Dogs Rescue (http://homeforgooddogs.org), which is based out of Berkeley Heights.  The thing that I love about this rescue is that they are a fully fostered dog rescue.  They also do not allow foster fails, unless there is some sort of extenuating circumstance.  It was explained during the orientation that if you volunteer to foster dogs, they are relying on you to foster.  They find that most people that foster fail, often reject future fosters because they are too busy with their new dog to accept another dog.  While it is great that the foster fail found a new home, it is unfair to the other dogs they want to bring up to fosters because there is now one less spot.  I thought this was an interesting way to look at foster failing.  A few people in the orientation seemed a little upset because I think their intention was to foster and see how it went and then try to adopt that dog.  The foster specialist explained it quite simply, if you would like to adopt a dog, don’t sign up as a foster, however if you want to be a foster–be a foster.  I would love to try fostering a dog because Thor loves having company.  I am still trying to convince Dan that this is a good idea 🙂 They also don’t allow foster fails because they feel that it is unfair to the people who are posting applications on the same dog, when the fosters are considering keeping the dog all along.

Anyways, tonight I will be baking for the bake sale at the adoption event on Saturday at the PetSmart in Millburn.  I am also going to volunteer from 9:30-1 pm.  If you are thinking about adopting a dog and live in the area, you should definitely stop by and say hi!  There are so many cute dogs up for adoption.  Hopefully I don’t come home with one (just kidding, Dan).  Also, if you are interested in adopting you have to fill out an application and all members of your household including your dog, must be present!

I can’t wait to volunteer with the doggies this weekend!! I hope we find lots of loving homes!

Thanks for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…

Our four-legged first child is so loved!!

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