I only listen to my Mom sometimes…

Sorry Mom, the truth is out.  I only listen to you sometimes.  The one time I didn’t listen to you and I am glad I didn’t was in regards to having Thor present at our wedding.

For a little background, my Mom loves Thor, but Thor is a little challenging.  He is challenging in the cutest way possible.  He loves to JUMP all over us and our guests, bite our sleeves until we sit on the floor and play with him and his toys, and he prefers to sit in my lap as opposed to next to me.  One thing I forgot to mention, is that Thor is 60 pounds, which may not sound like a lot, but he is a pretty big boy that can knock a lot of people over.

That being said, when I told my mom I wanted to have Thor at our wedding for at least a few pictures, she told me I was nuts.  She said he was going to rip my dress, and probably get me dirty when he jumped on me after the pictures were taken.  The truth is…I ripped my wedding dress—A LOT (oops!).  I stepped through the outer lace layer about 10 times while dancing and completely broke the bustle.  I had to laugh because the bustle was one of the prettiest details to my dress.  Hopefully my seamstress is not reading this blog because I know she spent lots of time constructing this custom bustle.  It isn’t easy being a bride that likes to dance.

Anyways, back to having Thor present for our wedding.

Thor calmed me through the days leading up to the wedding.  He is bad, yes, but he also gives incredible hugs and loves to snuggle.  While we were very busy getting everything ready for the wedding Thor was there to wag his tail like crazy every time I needed a little pick me up.  My husband was of course, the one to help me relax in the human form, however he was also busy running around tying up loose ends.  Thor stayed by my side for the entire day, and made me laugh a lot.

Thor is one of the smartest dogs that I know.  He caught on to potty training in less than a week with bell training, which we were so happy about.  He is just a funny boy.  He also loves kids, and playing with his Uncle Timmy (who is a Yorkie and very little).  I love having a dog that always gets along with other dogs, it’s such a relief.

Anyways, if you are contemplating having your dog at your wedding, it is obviously a very important decision.  I have to say though, I couldn’t be happier that we had Thor with us every step of the way.  As a side note though, he wasn’t “in” the wedding (don’t tell him that!!!). We were fortunate enough to have him stay in the farm house since our wedding was at Dan’s Mom’s home.  He hung out with my sister’s sweet twin girls and her in-laws inside.  We brought him out for some of the cocktail hour and for some pictures, which was perfect.  I snuck away a few times with a couple of our friends to go in and say hello to him throughout the night.  I was so happy he was on site!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here’s my picture of the day…


Love this funny puppy!

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