Always Trying New Places…

The other night I met my friend since 1st grade, Meredith, for dinner.  I always love meeting up with Meredith and catching up with her because there is something about being friends with someone for 23+ years that just lends itself to some hilarious conversations.  Meredith and I were both in Mrs. Remaly’s 1st and 2nd grade class and used to always get in trouble for talking and doing each other’s hair during reading time.  It is funny because we went on to college together at PSU, and got in trouble with the teacher for talking again during a 300 person lecture.  Meredith shares my gift of gab, for sure!

Anyways, we went to a place called Rintintin in the city, I believe it would be considered in Nolita (  It was SO good!!!  We got a few of the small plates: the grilled octopus, the buratta with proscuitto, the mezze plate, and the quinoa salad.  Everything was so delicious–I love small plates because you get to taste a few different things instead of committing to one meal!  We also got the churros for dessert which were insanely good.  We said we were full, but somehow managed to clean the plate when the dessert came out 🙂

Last week, my friend Jess was in town from Colorado for work, so we went out to Freeman’s, which was also really good (!!!  I think Freeman’s is on the Lower East Side, but I am honestly terrible at neighborhoods.  I just say everything is in the city and look on a map to find it haha.  Freeman’s is very hard to find. I actually replied on our group chat that it was closed because I couldn’t find the entrance, oops!  I was actually the first one to arrive, which I have to note because I am almost always late…I tell my husband, I try to be on time, but “life is too short to be on time!”  I had the roasted spaghetti squash with mushrooms, which was out of this world!! It was so yummy.  We also shared the sweet potato casserole, devils on horseback, and a crab and avocado dip–delicious!  Freeman’s was cute, fun and yummy.  It would be perfect for many occasions.  I will definitely go back!

I love to try new places in the city, it is one of my favorite things about working in the city.  It is so nice to live in Summit because I am just a short train ride away, but still get peace and quiet, along with more storage having a house vs. apartment.  It is also nice to be out of wedding planning mode, where I was scared to spend any money in fear that we would need it to pay for our wedding!!!

Well, I hope you all get to try new fun places, too!  If you have any recommendations for new places to try you can always email me at or tag me on instagram @hollyontheBLOG.  I love getting new recommendations, it is so hard to keep up with all the places I must try in NYC/NJ.

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…

These are a few of my favorite memories with Meredith…the first picture is from the limo we randomly took home with Meredith’s coworkers from a Yankee game 4 years ago and the other picture is from my bachelorette party back in July…aka a nonstop dance party (complete with tambourines…)


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