Feel GOOD Friday…Who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear?!

So, I actually read about this story on Wednesday and I just can’t even tell you how happy it made me.  Especially when you watch the video.  What a great tradition!!!!

Here is the link to the People.com article about the Calgary Hitmen’s Famous Teddy Bear Toss:  http://www.people.com/article/calgary-hitmen-teddy-bear-toss-hockey-fans-throw-28000-teddy-bears-ice-charity?xid=socialflow_facebook_peoplemag

I highly encourage you to watch the video and read the article.  If you don’t have a chance to, however, here is the light and sweet version.  For the past 21 years, Calgary Hitmen have had a tradition called the Teddy Bear Toss.  Game attendees bring teddy bears with them and throw them on the ice, once the Hitmen score their first goal.  All of these teddy bears are then donated to local charities.  At this particular game there were 28,815 bears thrown on the ice, which will be donated to over 50 local charities.  It took the arena staff 37 minutes to clear the ice!

I just love this story!

This weekend we are off to CT to celebrate Kerri and Justin’s Wedding!!! Yay!!! HAPPY WEDDING WEEKEND Kerri & Justin!!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…


Sometimes he resembles a teddy bear 😉

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