Weekend Recap…Happily Ever After!

This weekend was so great, but as always, WAY too fast!  We were so excited to attend the wedding of two of our friends, Justin and Kerri!  It was so much fun!!  The wedding was at the Waterview, which was beautifully decorated for Christmas, along with Kerri and Justin’s thoughtful touches.  The bride and groom wrote their own vows, which was my favorite part of the ceremony.  It is so nice to see people so happy together–and to really hear what brought them to their big day!  They also wrote notes to each other which they had to lock and seal in a box during their ceremony–with a bottle of wine!!! The Justice of Peace said that they are to open and read these letters on their 10th anniversary, while drinking the bottle of wine!  I have never seen this at a wedding ceremony, it was such a fun touch and so unique.  The reception was also a lot of fun, filled with yummy food, and tons of dancing!! I kept looking around and the tables were empty because everyone was on the dance floor–amazing!!!  Dan and I especially loved that Kerri knew every dance from Soulja Boy to the Wobble–and she did each and every one in her wedding dress.  It was very impressive!

Looking back on their wedding, it is so clear to me how important it is and was to keep the energy going. For the bride and groom it is essential to enjoy the moment–because you only get one!  Before I got married, Dan’s previous boss, told him to tell me that the overall feeling of the reception is driven by the energy of the bride and how the bride is feeling, and I have noticed in the past few years that, that is definitely the case!  I tried to stay as upbeat as humanly possible on my wedding day, as did Dan, and I think it made the night more fun.  I noticed the same with Kerri and Justin, when we were watching them, they literally looked like they were having the best time ever.  Whenever I attend a wedding I love to see a happy bride and groom that are soaking in and enjoying their day.  On the flipside, I have attended weddings where the bride and/or groom seemed annoyed, or as if they weren’t enjoying the day, and it does become contagious.

Wedding days aren’t always going to be perfect, but regardless, as the bride and groom, I always think it is best to just enjoy it, even if everything doesn’t go the way you intended!  I am so happy we got to attend such a happy wedding this weekend.  We wish Justin and Kerri, all the happiness in the future and can’t wait to continue to make fun memories with them!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my pictures of the day…


The pictures on the right are from this weekend where Dan and I found props to be a Reindeer Squid and a Christmas Tree Lobster and the pictures on the left, I found when cleaning from Cait and Bobby’s Wedding last year!  Photo booths are the best, although we had a little trouble timing the one this weekend haha!!!

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