Mixbook Fun!

I love taking pictures.  From silly ones of Thor on my iPhone to my attempt at pretending I know what I am doing with my Cannon Rebel–I love having photo memories of even the simplest moments in life.  I can still remember the anticipation when waiting to get rolls of film developed in my younger years.  When they came out with one hour photo, I thought we really hit the jackpot, and of course every roll I developed I always got doubles!  It is so interesting how picture taking has evolved over the years and how much more we are able to simply capture on our phones.  I still love the feeling of flipping through actual prints though and spending days reminiscing about certain periods of time in my life.  I always wonder what it will be like for future generations who instead, flip through Facebook or Instagram to see the progression of loved ones through the years.  I try my best to order prints online, when I remember to.  I always have a hard time deciding where to get prints through.  The other thing I like to do, is make photo books for trips or events.  One of my favorite photo books that I made was from our trip to Napa.  We went to Napa in September, during harvest season.  The pictures were amazing, the vibrant colors of the flowers were so beautiful, and the wine was of course delicious and pretty to take pictures of!!!!  My favorite site to use for making photo books is Mixbook…http://www.mixbook.com.

My sister-in-law, Laura, actually introduced me to Mixbook.  It is such a great website for making photo books.  I have tried a few others in the past, but nothing truly compares to the books I have made with Mixbook.  The website itself is super easy to use!  The themes are cute and not cheesy.  The books come out SO nice!  I love looking through them even though I have already looked at them over a dozen times.  I also gave my parents a copy of the book from Napa and they really love it.  My sister made her wedding album on Mixbook, which I hope to do eventually!  I know it will take me quite a bit of time, so I think I will wait until I have a cold wintery day, where going out of the house is not really an option!  My sister still laughs because I asked her to order me a copy of her wedding album to have at my house.  I just love looking through it and remembering her day.  As her maid of honor, I felt like the entire day flew by, so it is so nice to have the book to remember each moment!

My goal for the future is to always make a “Year in Review” book from Mixbook: http://www.mixbook.com/year-in-review-photo-books.  I would love if I could remember to upload a few pictures at the end of each month, so that in the future I can look back and see what happened each year.  It would also be so fun to see how things have changed in just a year of time.  Life moves so incredibly fast, so this way it could be frozen in time, if even just for one page turn!  I especially hope to do this once we have a family of our own.  One of my personal favorite things to do is look at pictures from growing up.  What a great way to chronicle these times!

Mixbooks are a nice gift for your family and friends, and there are also other photo projects you can make on the website.  I personally have only made books, but I know a bunch of friends that have used Mixbook for their Christmas cards, calendars, along with invitations and announcements!  You should definitely give it a shot if you are looking for a way to preserve your memories!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day:


These are a few of my favorite Mixbooks!

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    Hi holly. Joe here

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    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for the mixbook 🙂


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