Cutting Cost…Wedding Style

As I have expressed in other posts, planning a wedding is very expensive and at times shocking!  When we were planning our wedding, I felt like every place that I called to price out doubled in price as soon as I said the words “for my wedding.”  It was so insane, but people know that you will pay a little more for your wedding than you would normally, so unfortunately they take advantage of that!

There were certain areas that I felt were reasonable to cut costs down, and here they are:

Centerpieces:  Many brides spend a fortune on centerpieces.  I personally LOVE flowers.  However when it came to our wedding centerpieces, I knew that we would probably only really enjoy them for our 5 hour reception, so the rational side of me tried to find something inexpensive.  If I were going to spend a lot on flowers, I would want them to be planted in my garden or in my house for me to enjoy for a few days, at least.  When my cousin Megan, got married she used a lot of baby’s breath and I loved it, it was so delicate and simple, but still very pretty.  I also really wanted something low on the table because with the round tables we were using, I wanted people to be able to see across the table and more importantly see around the tent from their seat.  I felt like it made the guests at the table feel more like they were all sitting together as opposed to sitting around a large arrangement in the middle.  Since we had our reception on my mother-in-law’s farm, I wanted to use mason jars.  In the weeks leading up to our wedding, every single bridal magazine was polling people on Facebook, asking what wedding trends they thought were overused, and what they were sick of, and every post had people complaining about mason jars.  It stressed me out so much, but eventually I just stopped reading the stupid posts.  I also was able to enlist the assistance of my mother-in-law’s friends who put together our centerpieces on the day of the wedding.  We actually ordered the sunflowers and baby’s breath in bulk from Costco (  The rest of the pieces, my mother-in-law and her friends gathered from the farm.  I also shared with my mother-in-law that I loved mums and I kind of wanted them all over the reception.  She ordered a billion from a local farmer and I was overjoyed with all the beautiful colored mums all around our tent.  I still remember when the mum delivery truck pulled up, (I didn’t realize she had called and ordered all of them) it was a huge truck with a shelf across the back and I saw all the mums when the driver opened the door.  I said “oh wow, those are so pretty, do we get to pick a few?” and he replied “they are all yours…”  I felt like a kid on Christmas!!!!  I couldn’t believe the whole truck was for our wedding!!!!  Here are a couple of pictures of the simple centerpieces and the mums…

Our Honeymoon:  Dan and I went back and forth about waiting to go on a honeymoon or going right away.  After consulting with a few of our married friends, we decided to plan a honeymoon and left on Tuesday after our wedding.  We found a great deal to Belize that we booked over the 4th of July.  There was an insane sale on Orbitz, which made our hotel 60% off.  We also used our credit card points to book our flights.  We had the best time in Belize, and definitely needed some relaxing time after the wedding craziness.  We stayed at the Almond Beach Resort (, and it was amazing, fun, beautiful–and most importantly relaxing.  I would love to go back again!  Here is a picture of our view from our room in Belize:


School Buses:  We used school buses to transport our guests from our hotel to the church then from the church to the reception, and finally the buses returned our guests to the hotel at the end of the night.  At first, I wasn’t totally sure about the whole idea of school buses, mainly because it was about a 40 minute drive from the hotel to the church.  The trip back to the hotel and from the church to the farm were under or around 20 minutes, but that initial trip had me a little worried about people’s comfort on a school bus.  Literally everyone kept coming up to me and saying how much they appreciated the transportation.  I wanted people to be able to celebrate and drink and not have to worry about driving.  The school buses definitely served their purpose.  They were great and made me much less worried about people from out of town getting around and eliminated drinking and driving.  I actually had a great time riding on the school bus back to the hotel haha.  I think sometimes, as a bride you worry so much about being the perfect host, but in reality, I think people just want to have fun.

The three areas that I was glad we spent a little more were:

  1. The Band-Garden State Radio was the most amazing wedding band ever!  They were so much fun and worth every single penny.  My friends and family all joke that we are going to re-do our wedding reception for each anniversary and have Garden State Radio come again because they made our reception simply the best.  Here is their site, if you are in the market for a wedding band:
  2. The Food- I still remember seeing our final quote with the price of the food for our wedding.  I wanted to throw up!  I couldn’t believe how much money we needed to fork over for catering.  In hindsight though, I would pay it all over again because the food was so delicious.  We used Carriage House Catering, and Chris and his team were amazing.  They were SO accommodating to Dan and I, along with our guests and made the best macaroni and cheese ever.  When we started wedding planning, the first thing I said when it came to food is that I wanted pulled pork and macaroni and cheese.  They nailed both!
  3. The Tent/Rentals- This one was area that Dan and I were so concerned about.  The reason was, we couldn’t really picture what the tent would look like and why we needed the millions of items that were listed on the invoices.  In the end though, it couldn’t have been more perfect.  When we first met with All Seasons Party Rentals, we told Dave and Sarah that we needed a massive dance floor.  They definitely delivered!!  I still remember looking through their pictures of past events and thinking, there’s no way our event will look that way.  When we walked into the tent for the first time, our minds were blown.  We could not believe that this was our reception.  It was more beautiful than I ever imagined and everything looked SO perfect.  The rentals made it come to life, and I would trust Dave and Sarah to pull together any and all of my dream events!

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day…


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  1. Christina George says:

    HEY! I would love to talk to you about garden state radio. I’m considering them for my wedding. Is there a way we can chat privately? Thanks! Christina George


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