Adventures in Botox!

I feel like botox is one of those things in life, where many people want to try it, but they either don’t want to admit they want to try it, are extremely anti-botox, or are just scared of the cost/procedure.  Working in dermatology for the past 4 years, going on 5 has been so much fun.  I have learned so much beyond my products and have seen some of the most interesting procedures, lasers, injectables, etc. come to market.  I try not to get too crazy with all of the options, but every now and then I like to try some things myself.  In the past 4 years, I had laser hair removal (ouch!–it does hurt!!!!), IPL for the redness on my face, and now I can admit I got botox in my forehead, between my eyebrows and a little at the corners of my eyes.

I was super anxious about getting botox, however, I really just wanted to try it.  I wanted to know what it felt like, and even if I didn’t necessarily love it, I knew that eventually I will get my wrinkles back!

I enlisted the help and advice of one of my dermatologists, Dr. Anthony Rossi.  I met Dr. Rossi at the first AAD meeting that I worked for Neutrogena.  We stayed in touch through the years and I decided if I was going to try botox for the first time, I wanted him to inject it.  He has really great bedside manner, is extremely approachable, funny, and I would feel comfortable asking him any question about my personal health (sorry…haha).  I decided to book an appointment for botox with Dr. Rossi and I was wow-ed by his careful hand and kindness throughout my visit.  I told all my friends that I was planning to get botox and everyone wanted to hear the play-by-play and of course see the results.  I was super excited as my appointment date approached, however once I plopped myself down in the seat, I got really nervous.  Dr. Rossi talked me through the entire thing and was so great, I highly recommend him if you are getting botox for the first time or if you have any other dermatological needs!!  He made me feel like it was no big deal and talked to me about my husband, my dog, and other things to get my mind off the needle that was poking my forehead.  I’m not usually one to be completely freaked out by needles, but I still get a little uneasy when I see them.  I honestly felt like I barely even saw the needle.  I closed my eyes for most of it and just relaxed, while Dr. Rossi worked his magic!

I completely understand why people call Botox a lunchtime procedure.  It was pretty quick, and honestly pretty painless!  It felt like quick pricks, and SO much less painful than laser hair removal.  Before I left, Dr. Rossi told me that my forehead may feel really tight, and I might get a light headache from the needle poking.  He told me to take Tylenol a few hours after, if I felt like I was getting a headache.  I am the queen of headaches and did feel a little bit of pain about 2 hours after.  I took the Tylenol and then felt completely fine and never really felt any pain after that, I only took the one dose throughout the day, so overall it was pretty much fine.

Some people may think I am a lunatic for getting Botox in my last year of my 20’s, at exactly half a year to the point of hitting 30, but I don’t really care.  I think that if you have an area that you are self conscious about, it is up to you to either try to fix it or live with it!  I had a small cyst on my forehead that I had removed in 8th grade, and I felt like my skin was slowly sinking into the scar on my forehead.  When I would wash my face, put in my contacts, put makeup on, or brush my teeth, I would constantly stare at the scar.  I can still see the scar, however it’s not so pronounced, and I am much happier.  I also didn’t like the line that I had between my eyebrows, it was getting more and more pronounced and I felt like it made me look angry, or just annoyed, when I wasn’t!  The other thing that I loved about my visit with Dr. Rossi, was that he handed me a mirror first and said “tell me what bothers you.”  I liked this because it allowed me to show him specifically what I was talking about and then gave him a place to start and come up with a plan for me.

The one thing that I learned about botox that I didn’t know before getting it, is that it can sometimes take 1-2 weeks to see results.  I always thought it was immediate or within the next day!  Anyways, if you are considering getting some work done whether it be botox, fillers, lasers, peels, etc.; I would highly recommend that you see a board-certified dermatologist.  You should also get a skin check at least once per year and encourage your loved ones to do so, as well.  I still have trouble getting Dan to go once a year, but after months of begging, I finally got him to one of my dermatologists.  Skin cancer is one of the most treatable cancers, when detected early!  Even if you cannot get an appointment right away, trust me it is worth the wait!  If you have any questions about my experience or would like advice, feel free to email me at

Also, I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year’s Eve.  Thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged me through this blogging hobby, I still plan to continue on to 2016!  I appreciate all of your comments, questions, and likes!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are my before and after pictures of the day…

Botox before & After

The pictures on the left are my before pictures and then on the right are my after pictures…haha I really can’t stop laughing at the before pictures.  I tried my best to get the same angle, but Dr. Rossi took the pictures on the left with a better iPhone camera, the pictures on the right are from my iPhone 5s, and I took them.  I didn’t use any filters!  It is so hard to take selfies!  I give people a lot of credit who take good selfies, haha!  Also, disclaimer: my right eye has always been bigger than my left eye–in all pictures!!!


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