Bring it 2016!

Today will mark my first day back at work in the New Year!  It is crazy to me how long weekends sometimes seem shorter than a regular weekend.  All in all though, I have to say this year started off on the very best possible note.

Dan and I had so much fun celebrating New Year’s Eve with our friends Sandy and Brett at their NEW house!  Sandy is one of the most creative people I know and created her own Photo Booth, which we figured out how to work after Brett taught us how to use it, at least 8 times.  Sorry Brett!  Sandy is also the queen of the kitchen and made so much yummy food.  I can’t really think of a better way to ring in the new year than with a heaping plate of macaroni and cheese.  Macaroni and cheese is the way to my heart.  Although, I wish I could say my favorite food is something healthy–it is not, it is macaroni and cheese for the win.  Actually, when we were planning our wedding the only thing I was sure of for our menu was the macaroni and cheese.  It was quite funny because our caterer, Chris, made this delicious pumpkin ravioli, and asked us if we wanted to have something else instead of the mac and cheese, since we are already having ravioli.  I think I replied with something close to “absolutely not, there is no way I will get married without mac and cheese on my menu.”  Anyways, thanks for having us Brett and Sandy, we had a blast!!!

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Dan and I jumped out of bed to head to Philly for New Year’s Day.  We stayed with one of my best friends, Christian (see previous post) and her soon-to-be hubby Brad and their two adorable Boston Terriers.  I think I took about 300 pictures of Barnes and Willow, their four-legged little loves.  We had so much fun at the Mummer’s Parade.  It reminded me very much of my days at frat parties at Penn State, and also reminded me that I am not 20 anymore, haha.  Going out in Philly  is always so fun, and always makes me laugh because there is a huge Penn State population, but there are also a lot of Penn State Haters.  We went to Tavern on Broad, and the DJ played “Hey Baby,” which was always played in the 3rd quarter at PSU games, so of course all the Penn Staters were going crazy, screaming about how much they love PSU.  The song was quickly followed with a “Penn State Sucks” chant.  It made me laugh, especially because I can’t really give dirty looks anymore with my frozen forehead.  It was obviously all in good fun, and I was actually not even trying to give a dirty look!

We continued our weekend with brunch the next day with Christian’s parents, who came into Philly for the day.  Christian’s parents were the lucky hosts of close to 14 of us every single weekend of high school.  We ate their kitchen clean and took over their house regularly.  After brunch we went to see Christian’s wedding venue and hotel.  It was so much fun to be able to enjoy wedding planning from the other side.  I tried to take some notes of things Christian said, so she could remember them as she planned.  It was fun for me, but I am sure a little stressful for her.  Being the bride ain’t easy!

I finished off my weekend with a visit to see my favorite little nieces.  They are officially bouncing in their bouncy seats and smiling like crazy.  We had so much fun playing with them in their new playroom and checking out all of their fun Christmas presents from their very first Christmas.  They are getting so big, it is crazy for me to see them fitting in outfits and accessories that they used to swim in just a few short months ago.  The time certainly flies.

If today is your first day back to work, I hope it is a wonderful one!  Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!!!!  I can’t forget to wish my Aunt Karen a very happy and fun birthday!!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our New Years fun…

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