Feel GOOD Friday…empathy goes a long way!

I read this story yesterday morning and thought it was too cute not to share.  For those of you that are not NFL fans, the short version is that the Minnesota Vikings kicker, Blair Walsh, missed a 27 yard field goal that cost the Vikings the chance to advance in the playoffs this past Sunday.  Many people took to social media to spread hatred and say mean things about the kicker.  As I am sure many of you can relate to– we’ve all had things happen in life that don’t go as we would like.  This, I am sure was the case for Blair Walsh, on Sunday.  I think it’s actually crazy how hard fans come down on their own players.  How can you call yourself a fan if you are the first to bash “your own” players?!?!  I know many people say that these players are paid a lot to perform, but seriously…sometimes we all make mistakes.  Anyhow, a first grade teacher in Minnesota saw this as a teachable moment and had her kids make letters for Blair Walsh.  Here is a link to the article on NFL.com… http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000621881/article/minnesota-firstgraders-write-letters-to-blair-walsh.

I just love that this teacher took the time to use a real life event to teach coping skills, with the main goal being empathy for others.  The letters are hilarious, and will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

On another note, Dan and I are off to become Godparents this weekend and couldn’t be more honored!  This Saturday will certainly be fun, we are looking forward to seeing our Goddaughter and her cute twin sister.  What are your plans for this weekend?!

Thank you for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Steph, Dan, and Holly

It is so crazy that the twins are here and growing like weeds!  It feels like this picture was just a couple weeks ago….my sister certainly rocked pregnancy and made it look easy…

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