My Favorite Comfy/Workout/Travel Pants!

I love the Fall and Winter for one specific reason–you can wear leggings or workout pants with a long sweater and boots.  It is the best because you are super comfortable, but can easily dress the leggings up or dress them down.  I have easily 15 pairs of leggings, and 3 pairs of jeans. I just don’t wear jeans, as much.  One day I will blog about my favorite pair of jeans…

Anyways, there are really great leggings and then there are leggings that are just downright awful.  I can’t stand when they are see through, have a weird waist band, or are just in general a weird material.  Being that I wear leggings more than I wear jeans, I don’t mind spending a little more on a good couple of pairs.  My favorite place to buy workout pants and leggings for daily life is Athleta.  I also love that I can use my Banana Republic card at Athleta and get points towards rewards for more leggings!! Just kidding, I also like their tops, sweatshirts and sweaters.  Although these prices may seem a little steep, if you are like me and wear and wash them a lot, it’s worth spending a little more.  So, here you have it…my favoritesssss!!!

Everyday Pair- Metro High Waisted Legging- $79

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.28.32 AM

These leggings are the best.  I pretty much wear them everyday.  They can be easily tucked into boots, are thick and warm, and have pockets so you can fool people that they are normal pants.  They also have a seam that runs down the front so they look a little nicer than your average pair of leggings.  I highly recommend them!  I have them in black and bought a pair for my sister, as well.  She said she also loves them.

Here is the link to buy these:

Workout-Chaturanga Capri-$59

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.34.33 AM.png

I personally love capri pants for working out.  I have no idea why, but I just like my ankles exposed haha.  These are my absolute favorite pants for working out.  They are so comfy and come in lots of patterns and basics.  They are also a nice thick material so you don’t have to feel like you’re on display when stretching or doing yoga.  They also come in a high waisted option, which I own, as well.  The link below is to the basic colors, but if you search “Chaturanga capri” you can find others.

Here is the link to buy these:

Travel- Aliso Pant- ON SALE for $21.99 or $25.99!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.40.56 AM

I am really hoping that these aren’t on super sale because they are discontinuing them, because they are one of my favorites!!!  I originally bought these pants because they have a UPF 50 rating.  I bought them for our honeymoon because I wanted to be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Belize, but I wanted to make sure my pale, easily burned legs were protected.  These pants are great for vacationing because the fabric is SUPER light.  I wore them when we hiked in the jungle and they were perfect because there were so many mosquitos in Belize, along with strong sun.  We also loved stand up paddle boarding in the wee hours of the morning when all was very calm, and I would wear these on my board.  I think these are God’s gift to people that want to protect their legs from UV damage.  I really enjoyed them.    I also always feel like there are great rash guards for the top, but never great options for the bottom.  Here is your great option!!! Don’t forget to protect the skin you’re in!  I own the silver shimmer and the black color options.  FYI, they aren’t leggings!

Here is the link to buy these:


The other thing that I love about shopping at Athleta is they have a great return policy–you can wear whatever you bought to the gym, and if it doesn’t work out how you planned, you can return it.  They also offer alterations, for shorties like myself!

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

home sweet home.jpg

True life, I love Uggs and Leggings.  This is the outfit I chose to wear to the closing on our house.  Haha–always dressing up for special occasions!!  1 year later, and I am still wearing these Uggs, while typing this blog…whoever says Uggs are out of style doesn’t appreciate some good warm feet!

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