The best thing I did while wedding planning…

Planning a wedding is a huge task. One of the most important things to remember as a bride is that it will all come together…some way or another. One piece of advice that one of my coworkers–Jonathan gave me while planning, was that even if something doesn’t go as planned–I will be the only one that truly knows. I so appreciated Jonathan pointing this out, as I often think back to planning our day and wanting every little thing to be perfect. Looking back now it was perfectly imperfect, wonderful, and a super fun day– however there were most definitely a few things that did not go according to my plan.

The one piece of advice that I have for anyone in the midst of planning a wedding or really any large event, is to create a month by month timeline. Depending on how many months, weeks or days you are out from your big day–decide on some goals for yourself. For my timeline I went month by month, up until the last month or so. Once I got to September, I went week by week with things I wanted to have accomplished. In the last week leading up to the wedding–I created goals day by day. Alongside each goal I put a name. These names ranged from Dan (my husband), my mother-in-law Janis (who graciously hosted our big day), my parents (Donster & Rudude), my sister & bro-in-law, and/or members of our bridal party. I, then made that person or group of people in charge of that task and specifically making sure it was complete. Here is an example from our wedding:


  • Check in with bridesmaids on dress shopping- Holly
  • Start stuffing invites, gather all pieces to send- Holly, Dan, Janis, Donster
  • Check in with hotel on block- Holly
  • Start dress fittings- Holly, Steph, Gram, and Donster
  • Shower- June 20
  • Send Shower Thank You’s to be finished before Bach Party- Holly


  • Make sure groomsmen outfits are all set- Dan
  • Bach Party- July 18
  • Make some signs for reception- Holly, Janis, Donster, Dan, Rudude
  • Check in with caterer and rentals- Holly
  • Pick out flowers- Holly & Dan
  • Order bulk flowers from Costco- Donster
  • Figure out electricity- Bill


  • Send out invites- Holly, Dan, Janis, Donster
  • Make sure all vendors are set…-Holly
  • Make Vendor list (names & contact #’s) for Connie- Holly
  • Start individual timelines for each vendor that has requested one
    • overall timeline
    • photography timeline
    • hair timeline
    • makeup timeline
    • transportation timeline

Week of 9/7-9/12:

  • Check with church for other wedding before- Holly
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invite/talk to Sal- Janis
  • Finalize menu for rehearsal dinner with Sal’s pizza- Janis
  • Put together bridal party gifts and bring to farm- Holly & Dan
  • Order smore bags- Drea
  • Put together hotel bags- Steph, Holly, Ellie & Rosie
  • Finalize liquor/bar- Donna, Rudude, and Uncle Mike
  • Finalize beer- figure out what to do with tapping- order three 30 packs of whatever beer for reserve (Amstel light & Octoberfest)- Janis
  • End of week– finalize RSVPS, finalize busses-  Dan
  • Collect sticks for smores- Rudy
  • Make smore sign on pallet- Joanne
  • Finalize and print program- Laura & Holly
  • Check with groomsmen for picking up suits- Dan
  • Check in with porta jon people- Holly & Janis
  • Send bridal party a timeline of events/addresses/dress code for events- Holly

Week of 9/14-9/19:

  • Finalize menu caterer, ask for list of mixers to be provided, where is he storing ice??- Dan & Holly
  • Send menu to Janis- Holly
  • Make the menu sign on red garage door thing- Janis
  • Finalize getting mums and hay- Janis
  • Make tags for the smores  (need to fit mason jar stamp) weekend of 9/19-9/20- Laura, Holly
  • Cut strings for smores- Dan weekend of 9/19-9/20
  • Get whatever other supplies we need for smores – Holly & Dan

Week before 9/21-9/25:

  • Place cards & Seating- Dan & Holly
  • Find out who wants what for lobster dinner- Holly

Tuesday 9/29:

  • Flowers arrive at farm from Costco- Janis
  • Put flowers in water buckets- Janis

Wednesday 9/30:

  • Holly, Rudude, Donster, and Dan arrive!!!! Let the fun begin!
  • Tent goes up

Thursday 10/1:

  • Get as much done for inside tent-EVERYONE (see other list)
  • Getting nails done- Holly
  • Set up after party at hotel, order food- Holly & Dan
  • Thursday night- Lobster Dinner at Currituck House (YUM!)

Friday 10/2:

  • Steph, Joe, Ellie & Rosie arrive!!! (Show Steph where to set the Twinzos up at Farmhouse)
  • Final confirmation with busses and limo bus, get cell phone #’s for drivers!- Dan
  • Cut down saplings for inside tent- Rudy
  • All Seasons working on final layout in tent- SEE OTHER LIST FOR THINGS TO DO AROUND FARM
  • Make smore packs- Mindy & Shannon
  • Hang bows at church & baby’s breath (during rehearsal)- Donster
  • Make sure programs are where they need to be- Donster
  • Check into hotel
  • Rehearsal be at church for 5:30 start (Get Holly there on time..yikes)

Saturday 10/3:

  • GET MARRIED- Holly & Dan
  • Have fun- Everyone
  • Dance all night– Everyone

Sunday 10/4:

  • Sleep all day and look at pictures on Facebook and Instagram- Holly
  • Go to brunch with family- Dan

There are probably a million other things we had to do throughout planning, but creating this list made me feel so much better.  I enjoyed checking things off my list and moving on to the next.  I also appreciated having reliable family and friends to help get everything together and take care of things that needed to be done.  As the bride, I think it is always a crazy cluster&%$#…sometimes you need to just sit down with someone to have them help you put together a list of what you want.  Once you have a clear idea of what you want, it makes it easier to get things done.  It is also easier to plan other people’s weddings.  I constantly felt overwhelmed.  Especially when it came to the electricity for our event.  Every single time we talked about it, I wanted to throw up.  Thankfully, Dan’s mom’s fiancé took that big job off my plate.

I am still so grateful and thankful for all the people who took the time to make our wedding the best day of my life.  It was a ton of work, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I enjoyed each step of the way, even those days when Dan would find me crying as I stood staring at my closet, wondering how we were going to afford this and/or pull it off.  Somehow it all just comes together!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are some pictures of my wedding planning team…

It certainly takes a village to plan a wedding!!!!!! Sorry if I forgot to include anyone..

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