Wedding Wednesday…SURPRISE packages for the Bride-to-be!

Another thing that my bridesmaids did for me for the year before my wedding day was surprise boxes.  My sister-in-law Laura organized this fun project.  It made the stressful days so much better and I truly appreciated the thought that went into each box.  Most of the boxes had themes which made them each different and unique.  I had 11 bridesmaids, so they each took a month and then my mom, my sister, and my mother-in-law took care of the months right after our wedding.  I thought it was so fun that they even continued it after our wedding had passed.  Here are a few of the items that I got in my boxes:

  • Laura:  
    • Thank you cards to use for all the events
    • An eos lip balm which I still use daily and love the smell (I did not get a rash like all the people who filed a class action, and I do have very sensitive skin)
    • Calendar with pictures and important family dates
  • Christian:
    • One of my favorite Anthopologie candles that smells so good I could eat it!
    • A mug with adorable gold hearts–it is one of my favorites to drink coffee out of and the perfect size
    • Yummy Valentine’s day candy
  • Rachel:
    • Mr. & Mrs. adorable mason jar shot glasses–we had these on our sweetheart table at our wedding and still have them on our bar at our house
    • A fun “lucky in love” personalized frame that went along with the St. Patty’s day theme
    • 2 of my favorite Essie nail polishes
  • Skylar:
    • Super comfy flannel PJs from Victoria’s Secret that I wear all the time
    • A fun filled trip to FL filled with paddle boarding, yummy restaurants, bridesmaid dress shopping, and tickets to see her school put on the most amazing production of Aida (we had such a fun trip, although Skylar’s mom, Joanne, was not helping me with my wedding diet when she made homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsa–I could barely walk after because I ate so many…)
  • Jaclyn:
    • Jaclyn and her parents were so kind to give us an awesome outdoor patio set for our house with 6 chairs, we used it so much this summer and are so thankful for their generosity
    • An adorable lantern for our outdoor table–the light was solar powered so it is off during the day and then clicks on at night when it gets dark out–so cute and fun
    • Wine!!–Jaclyn is one of my “go-to’s” when it comes to yummy alcoholic beverages…definitely a good friend to have
  • Hallie:
    • Hallie had June, my birthday month and sent me the cutest cake topper for my birthday cake, it had two sticks a little banner that ran across the top of the cake
    • My favorite funfetti cake mix
    • Some bachelorette sunglasses!
  •  Abby:
    • Abby had July and found so many fun American flag themed items like a cute wreath for our front door
    • Fun blue and white pottery barn mugs
    • Red, white and blue flip flops
    • An American flag basket with a cute 4th of July dish towel inside
    • 4th of July Star lights on a strand
  • Wags:
    • Wags did a complete PSU themed box, which I absolutely loved complete with an Alex and Ani PSU bracelet
    • PSU t-shirt–so comfy and cute
    • PSU football jersey napkins
    • PSU stemless wine glass
    • PSU serving platters (I think we need to host a PSU gameday party!!!)
  • Drea:
    • Drea did a honeymoon theme, which made me so excited for our trip to Belize complete with a turkish towel that I have brought on every vacation since–it is perfect as a beach cover up, a blanket on the plane, a scarf for chillier nights, etc.
    • Wedding cake gum to chew on the plane–it was delicious and I snuck a piece way before
    • Travel size shampoos and soaps for our trip
    • Travel size booze to bring on the plane haha
  • Justine:
    • Justine gave me a huge bag with a wedding day survival kit for my big day.  She gave it to me the night before and I used so many of the things she gave me, it was awesome!!!
    • Shout wipes, mints, lip balm, eye drops, tylenol, she literally thought of everything and anything…
  • Steph:
    • My sister gave us a whole box of fun stuff for after we got married like an adorable cookbook for newlyweds, I love to cook!
    • Champagne to go with our meal
    • PSU Boxers and Yankee undies, haha
  • Mom & Janis (my mother-in-law)
    • Ugly christmas sweaters that make Dan and I into elves haha
    • Wine Charms
    • Light up christmas tree little rustic boxes that you put a candle in
    • Lots of cute and unique little Santas to decorate our house for Christmas
    • Bow earrings and a jingle bell necklace

I am sure I forgot some things that were awesome and made me so happy and excited for our big day, but it was seriously the best.  I really appreciated how all of these women in my life took the time to make me feel special throughout the year.

This past week, I sent off a box to my friend Christian to kick of her year of surprises.  I had the best time ever making it!  I made a calendar for her like Laura did for me and gave her some fun decorations for her last “single” Valentine’s Day with her fiancé Brad.  It is a great way to get the Bride-to-be excited for their year and make them forget the stress that comes along with wedding planning.

Thank you for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures of items from my boxes…

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  1. christian says:

    I’m in love with my first bride to be box!

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