Please make this cough go away- Weekend Recap

This weekend was a rough one, as I have been sick since Wednesday with this awful cold.  I had a sinus infection in January, which was also pretty bad and usually I only get one bad cold per year.  Apparently this year is different.  I think it is all the ups and downs of the weather.  I have heard many people saying that this has been their worst year health wise.

Saturday, I decided to try to go out, despite not feeling great, to celebrate my old roomie, Justine’s 30th.  We went to a place called Wild ( in the West Village and it was really fun.  We did a pizza making class so we made the dough from scratch and then got to top our pizzas with a variety of toppings.  It was a fun alternative to your traditional birthday dinner.  Unfortunately Dan and I had to cut out a little early and take our pizza to go because I started to run a fever and was just overall feeling pretty stinky.

Sunday, I enjoyed watching the end of the PSU Dance Marathon via the webcast.  This year PSU raise 9.7 million dollars for the kids!  It is always the easiest check for me to write, and I love watching along.  It always makes me one proud Penn Stater!!!  We are trying to organize a trip to head back for a football weekend this year.  I am hoping it works out!

If any of you have any great remedies for a rumbly chest cough which I am now dealing with, please share!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.16.07 AM
20 Chefs ready to make some PIZZA…Happy 30th Tine!!


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