Preserving Your Bouquet…

After the wedding day is over, there are lots of memories that you want to preserve and one of those for me was my bouquet.  When my sister got married in 2013, my mom got her a lantern and she put her bouquet, her husband’s boutonnière, their place card, and a few other items.  I loved this idea and wanted to do the same.  My mom saved my bouquet for me and dried it out and bought a lantern for me.  I just have my bouquet in my lantern but I love how it look in our dining room!  I think I might eventually put one of our invitations in there with the bouquet.

my bouquet.JPG

I looked around on Pinterest and found a few other ideas for preserving a bridal bouquet.  There are so many creative and fun ideas!


I personally love the ornament idea.  I have also seen where you cut the invitation into strips and curl it and then put it into a clear ornament.  So many cute ways to remember such a special day.

Do you plan on keeping your bouquet?

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

I just loved my bouquet!!!!

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