Bridesmaid Dress Shopping!

On this Wedding Wednesday, I am feeling compelled to write a little about bridesmaid dress shopping, as I am currently trying to find the perfect dress for my friend Christian’s wedding!  I am so honored that she has asked me to be in her wedding party and it has been fun to be on the other side, as last year I was the bride trying to decide which dresses to pick!

The first wedding I was ever in was my Aunt Karen’s where I was the flower girl!  I think I was around 9 or 10 years old, so I still remember everything!!!  It was so much fun and I loved going with her and trying on my dress (which I think I still have at my parent’s house haha).  It was so fun being a part of her big day and I still remember being in the bridal suite with all the girls getting ready and thinking how cool it was that they were all drinking champagne and getting their makeup done!  The next wedding I was in was my sister’s, as her Maid of Honor.  That was also so much fun and we all went together to pick out our bridesmaid dresses.  We went to a store called Bella Bridesmaids, that has a few different locations.  We really liked Bella Bridesmaids because they had a lot of pretty dresses to choose from and try on.  We all wore the same dress and my sister got us these really cute necklaces to wear (I still wear the necklace all the time).  It worked out that we all liked the same dress, some of us had straps put on and others wore it strapless.  Unfortunately, that dress is in shreds, because I stepped on the bottom so many times while dancing up a storm haha (but I do still have it!).

For my wedding, I had a very large bridal party–11 ladies in total!  I loved having a big bridal party, it made it so much fun for me.  I realized though that these girls are very different in personalities, preferences, and styles.  I decided to just tell them to get a long red dress, any color shoe (as long as they didn’t wear black), and I got them their earrings for the day.  So the only thing that really matched was their earrings and their little sunflower bouquets.  People that heard this was what I planned to do told me I was nuts, and that my pictures were going to look crazy.  In the end though, I loved each and every dress that my bridesmaids chose, and I couldn’t be happier with my pictures (all taken by the amazing Anne Lee).  I felt like my bridesmaids were comfortable and happy with their selections (To see some pictures of my bridal party, click here: Choosing a Bridal Party Post).  I know another tactic that brides take is to pick a color from a specific designer and then let the bridesmaids pick whatever style they want.  I enjoy the variety of avenues that brides take.  I still really like the pictures of bridesmaids all wearing the same dress, but I also love seeing some variety in the party, as well!

A website that I found really helpful while looking for dresses is Weddington Way.  You can click on the words to go to the website.  For me, as the bride, I was able to order a few swatches to see the way the shades of red looked together.  Now as a bridesmaid, I have gone back on the site and looked through the specific color to see what different lines offer.  From there, if I see a specific dress or style that I want to try on, I can call and find shops that carry that designer and specific dress.  It just has made it a little easier for me.  Christian has also taken the approach picking a color and having us all choose a long option in that color.  I am excited to order my dress and get it fitted for her big day in October!

Well that’s all I have to say for today, if you are a bride or a bridesmaid–remember to have fun with all the decisions!  Although it can be a little stressful to find the perfect dress, the day will be great regardless!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Steph's Wedding!.jpg

This is from my sister’s wedding day!!! It was so much fun ❤

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