Our Trip To VT…Weekend Recap

This weekend was certainly a lot of fun and filled with a lot of sleep (for me and not my sister or her husband haha).  We went up to VT to visit with my brother-in-law’s Aunt and Uncle, who kindly hosted us, and to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday.  We had so much fun!  It took us about 4 hours to get up to Joe’s aunt and uncle’s house, but it really wasn’t a bad drive.  It was pretty much all highway until we got close to the house, so I did not mind driving at all.  It is funny because I personally like road trips, but my husband does not.  Growing up I used to drive down to Florida with my dad to visit my grandparents and although it was really long, we always managed to have fun.  I similarly enjoyed driving through the towns in Vermont and mostly New York and looking at all the interesting businesses that they have.  I always find it intriguing to see what different towns have, and often find myself wondering how these smaller family businesses survive.  I am grateful that they do though, and envy their entrepreneurial spirit!  We were very full on our way home, as we indulged in lots of yummy pie and quiche from Grandma Miller’s Pies and Pastries.  My favorite pie was the Strawberry Rhubarb, it was sooo YUMMY!  The one place that grabbed my attention on the way there and back was the Big Moose Deli in Hoosick Falls, NY–I think I will have to stop here at one point just to see what exactly they have on their menu and what kind of interesting things they have in their country store!  They had cows all over their roof and just a random modge podge of items, it was hard to miss.

Anyways, we had a really fun day Saturday.  Dan (my husband) and my brother-in-law, Joe, went skiing for the day at Okemo, while my sister and I took the twins and went shopping at the outlets.  I just love watching how my twin nieces are changing each and every time I see them.  They are so much bigger and interested in different things.  I am a huge proponent of baby-wearing, which I never realized.  My cousin Dana often talks about how it is life changing and let me tell you, she definitely knows what she is talking about.  I had fun wearing Ellie around the house while I got ready to go shopping.  Ellie was cracking me up because she was so interested in my getting ready process.  I had a full blown conversation with an almost 7 month old about makeup and how I don’t really like doing my own makeup, but I feel like I need just a little to at least look presentable.  As I would go into my makeup bag, and pull out each thing, her eyes would get big and to me, it seemed like she was listening.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any great makeup tips for her for the future, but I had fun pretending I knew what I was talking about.

The twins were such great shopping partners, they enjoyed looking at all the colors and different clothing options.  It is so funny how people gravitate to babies.  At first I was a little weirded out by it because everyone wants to know how old the babies are, what their names are, what it’s like having twins, and the list goes on.  Looking back, it was actually so nice that people were interested and took the time to say hello and give the babies a smile (aka try to get the babies to smile).  I remember when we first got Thor, it was similar.  I used to get stopped constantly by people asking questions about him and his breed and how it was having a puppy.  I love talking to random people, so for me it was fun with Thor, but for some reason my crazy over protective Aunt mode was on full blast while shopping.  I eventually got more used to it, but would have preferred that people not try to touch them…I’m still not totally sure why people feel it is okay to touch a stranger’s baby…but whatever!

On Sunday, we went to church at the Weston Priory.  This was my first time at a church where the mass was put together by a small group of monks.  I enjoyed all the music and the quaintness of the church.  The people at the church were so nice and welcoming, and of course also wanted to know all about the babies.  I was holding Rosie for majority of the mass and it made me laugh because after, one of the ladies asked me all about her, and then asked me how I was sleeping.  I replied “Oh I am sleeping great, thanks for asking, my sister and her husband on the other hand, aren’t really partaking in a ton of sleep on a regular basis.”  We also met a cute little boy who sat in front of us during the mass.  He was obsessed with the babies.  He was only 2 years old, but he was completely mesmerized.  He kept pointing at the babies and telling me whether they were asleep or awake, it was really cute.  I loved watching him try to figure out the babies and what they were doing.

After mass, we had some lunch and got back on the road to come home.  All in all, it was a fun weekend and we are thankful that we were invited to experience beautiful Vermont.  It was peaceful, calming, and relaxing—which was exactly what I needed.

I hope that you all had a nice weekend!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are just a couple pictures of the day…


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