Bra fitting…should you try it?!

I still remember watching an episode of Oprah one day with my mom and Oprah was talking about how life changing it was to get professionally fitted for a bra.  I thought it was an interesting topic but never really thought anything of it and would always get my bras from Victoria’s Secret.

I still like getting sports bras at Victoria’s Secret, but for my every day bras…sorry Victoria’s Secret, you just aren’t quite cutting it.  The first time I was fitted was at Bra*Tenders.  I found out about this place because one of the staff members in one of my dermatology offices told me about it.  The owner is actually one of their patients and told her to come by.  She told me it was totally life changing, her clothes fit better and she was more comfortable throughout the day.  Bra*Tenders caters to Broadway actresses and theatrical clients that have to find undergarments that work with their complicated costumes.

I decided to make an appointment and I was kind of a little nervous/unsure what to expect.  It went so well!!!  I was so happy with the bra line that the fitter helped me find.  I still wear them today and that was 5 years ago!! The line that I like is Freya.  It is sold at a few other places, as well, so I can occasionally find a coupon.  I didn’t realize how poorly fitted I was at Victoria’s Secret.  The size they had me wearing was not supporting me at all and was affecting my back.

At one point, I decided I needed an additional bra to add to my repertoire, and I happened to walk by a bra fitting store in the city called Intimacy.  Let me tell you, my experience was not the same.  The bra they suggested was SO expensive and SO uncomfortable.  I wish I wasn’t suckered into buying it.  When I brought it back to say it wasn’t working out for me, as the associate had promised that I would love it–they would not take it back or offer any sort of a solution.  They have recently changed names to Rigby and Peller (I am not sure if they were bought out or what), but I don’t think I would go back and try the store again.

If you are uncomfortable on a daily basis in your bra, are looking for a bra for a specific outfit, or need items for your wedding, I would definitely recommend going over to Bra*Tenders.  I had such a great experience, and felt like I learned a little bit about what I should look for when purchasing bras for my body type.

Bra*Tenders is located in NYC…here is the address if you need it:

630 Ninth Avenue
Suite 601
New York, NY 10036
Appointments can be made by calling- (212) 957-7000

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day….

Freya Bathing Suit

This is a Freya bathing suit that I bought in the corresponding size to what I was measured at, at Bra*Tenders.  This picture is from 2011 in Rivera Maya–we loved the El Cid Resort there!!!

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