It’s a Very Special Lady’s Birthday Today…MY MOM!

Today is a day that I will always think of as a super great day…it is my Mom’s birthday!  I gave my Mom her card yesterday and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  It described everything she is to me and everything she does for me on a daily basis.  Dan laughs because I pretty much talk to both of my parents every single day, sometimes a few times a day.  It is probably mostly me venting about my day, but I really enjoy hearing about how they are, as well.  I used to call my mom everyday in college as I walked to my classes.  It was nice to have her to chat with as some of my classes were a pretty far walk.  She always listens, laughs with me, offers advice when I need it, and also challenges me sometimes when she doesn’t really agree with what I think–which I am completely grateful for!

My Mom has taught me resiliency and that there are always things in life to be happy about that keep you moving forward.  Although some days are tough, my Mom has showed me how to forget about those days and remember there is always tomorrow, which will be a better day.  One thing my mom always tells me is that she chooses not to remember the details of times in life which were not so great.  This is something I aspire to do each and every day, although I am very detail oriented and seem to remember each and every detail–even the not so great ones.

One of my favorite things to do with my Mom is laugh.  We are usually laughing at something her or my dad did or said that was incorrect, but we both laugh very hard and uncontrollably.  For Valentine’s Day my Mom and Dad gave Dan and I such a nice card and some goodies.  Dan and I looked at the card and saw my Mom wrote on the outside “Holly & Dad,” instead of Dan.  I sent her a picture in a text and asked if she knew something I didn’t know.  She texted me back as she was sitting in the airport with my Dad, and said she couldn’t even tell my Dad what she wrote because she was laughing too hard and couldn’t get it out.  I love that my Mom can laugh at her own mistakes, and make me laugh as well.  I really do think that laughter is the best medicine.  I hope to continue to laugh at my own mistakes, just like she does–because it makes getting through life just a bit easier!

Another funny detail about my relationship with my Mom, is that my Mom was convinced that she would have to go to college with me.  When my Mom was in labor with me, she waited for close to 24 hours for my arrival.  I didn’t really want to come out or leave–which was indicative of my childhood.  I was so scared of everything when I was little and I have no idea why.  I never liked to sleep in my bed by myself, so I always slept with my parents.  Now that I have a very large puppy that sleeps with us, I often ask my parents how on Earth they slept with me in between them for 8 years of my life!! They both agree they just did…but I think they are grateful that I eventually slept in my own bed, and that they didn’t have to go to college with me!

There are so many things in my life that make me realize how lucky I am to have a Mom, like my Mom!  Through all the ups and downs she always puts her children first, which isn’t always an easy thing to do.  I hope to one day make my future children as confident and loving as she has made me.  It’s days like today that deserve to be celebrated!!! I know that being a Mom is not always an easy job and everyone isn’t exactly great at the task.

In closing, Thank YOU Mom for always being the absolute best Mom and for making me enjoy each and every day.  I hope you have the Happiest Birthday and feel loved today and all through the year!!!!!


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