Aspiring Gardener

One of my favorite things about living in Summit is that we have some outdoor space.  We live on a pretty small lot, but we think it is just perfect.  It is just enough grass where we feel like we have some, however it is not too much to the point that we have to spend a whole day during the weekend cutting it.  Dan and I both grew up with pretty large backyards, but this is a perfect balance for us.  We also have a great park in walking distance with more open land that we don’t have to maintain.  The only thing our town is missing, in my mind, is a dog park.  One of Thor and I’s favorite after work activities when we lived in Hoboken, was going to the dog park.  There were so many nice dog owners to chat with and plenty of cute dogs for Thor to play with!

Last year, Dan and I were so concerned about saving money for our wedding, so we did the bare minimum on the outside of our house.  I planted a few flowers here and there but nothing too crazy.  This year I am hoping to do some more outside.  I would LOVE to have a small garden. We have a decent size deck that gets pretty good sun, so I am hoping to create a potted garden.  I have been doing some light research and plan to get started when we get back from Japan.  So far, I bought some potted flowers that can be replanted and they are off to a great start.  Unfortunately, I have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to gardening, but I am really going to try hard this year!!!  It is my half year resolution and goal to become a successful gardener.

I would like to have some fresh herbs, some small tomato plants, and I have these boxes that I want to try to grow some lettuce in.  I am always buying lettuce and tomatoes and something about going out to the deck to pick our own, just sounds more fulfilling to me.  I may blog again to document my progress…hopefully I will have some pictures of some ripe tomatoes ready to eat!!!

If you have any tips for creating a garden in pots or on a small property, please do share!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…



Yes, Thor is in the background chomping on a bone that I filled up with peanut butter…My Money Tree, Freesia, and Hydrangea plants are all making me happy!  I love all the colors.  My Mom bought me the Freesia plant this weekend and it was all buds. I love watching all the buds open–the flowers smell AMAZING!  I am hoping to buy some veggie plants when we get back from Japan!

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