Feel GOOD Friday…Exercise=Endorphins

Although it is pretty pricey, I have no regrets in joining Equinox.  For me, I love all the classes at Equinox.  They are all challenging, but fun, and I always leave feeling like I got a good workout.  I enjoy working out–I feel like it is a time for me to focus on myself and challenge myself.  The best part is the way that I feel when I consistently stick to my gym routine.  I always feel more energized, sleep better, and overall just happier.  For some people it is a challenge to find time or energy to get to the gym, but I think it is so important to schedule in that time for yourself.

The nice thing is you can bring the gym to you, as well.  A few of my friends have done the P90x videos with great success.  I have seen more and more options become available, if you can’t quite make it to the gym.  I was so proud of my Dad when he lived in California because he used to walk while talking to us all on the phone.  When paired with a healthier diet he lost a dramatic amount of weight and felt so much better.  Sometimes it is just getting up and out of your house to take a longer more fast paced walk or jog, trust me you will feel better after and have a clearer mind.

There are also many specialty gyms like Barre studios, High Intensity Cardio Facilities, Kickboxing gyms, etc. that specialize based on a specific workout.  I have seen many specials at these types of facilities on their own websites or on deal sites, like Groupon.  A few of my friends have a ClassPass membership which allows you try a variety of different gyms and classes at one monthly price.  I think ClassPass is such a great idea if you are trying to figure out what you like and enjoy the variety.

The one thing I personally struggle with is diet.  I can get myself to the gym just fine because I love going to the gym, but I love pasta, pizza, carbs, occasional sweets, and going out to dinner.  One of the trainers once told me that it is 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% what you do at the gym.  I always find it easier to get back to a healthier weight in the summer time.  For some reason during the winter I crave heartier meals and tend to bulk up as a result.  I have noticed recently that I can put on weight faster than ever before,   I try to remind myself it is always easier to put on and three times as hard to get the weight off.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that YOU feel good about YOU.  Sometimes we are our biggest critics, but we should also be our biggest cheerleaders.  Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and that moves you.  For me, I like the variety of classes at Equinox along with the ability to do some cardio and weights on my own.  Sometimes it means paying a little more to go to a place that you like.  A trainer once told me that a gym is not a monetary investment, it’s an investment in you, and I always try to remember that as I pay for Equinox each month.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend!

Thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Workout Buddy

Find a friend that challenges you and makes you exercises in ways you never thought you would.  We are thankful for Bentley, who showed Thor the ropes in Hoboken.  He finally enjoys playing in the water like his buddy Bentley!   Baby steps!

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