Weekend Recap…Filled with Love

We had some seriously crazy weather this weekend!!! Our screen door is a little bent out of shape from all the wind, but luckily it’s still semi-working.  We are so thankful to our neighbor for coming over and tending to our house, as we were up in CT.  He chased our trash cans around the neighborhood and secured our door, so it didn’t completely break.  We had no idea it was going to be this windy!

We left for CT on Friday night, so we could wake up on the Farm.  The Farm has always been a special place for us, but now it will always be in our hearts as our wedding was held there!  This Sunday we celebrated our 6 month anniversary…it has certainly been the best 6 months of my life!  In some ways it seems so crazy that we have been married for 6 months already, but then when we think of all that has happened and places we have traveled to in those 6 months–it seems like we got married forever ago!

Anyways, while we were up in CT we planned a belated birthday brunch in honor of Dan’s Stepmom, Joanne.  Joanne picked to go to my favorite CT hotspot, Kings!  Kings is a smaller restaurant in Newtown, but let me tell you the food is AMAZING.  I almost always get the same thing which is a chicken salad sandwich on their homemade blueberry bread called the Blue bird, but I decided to be adventurous in honor of our big trip to Japan and branch out and get the Rueben.  It was soooo yummy and huge, I could only eat half!  Dan’s brother, Jon, joined us for most of the day, which was really nice.  We enjoyed catching up with everyone and munching on delicious food.

After brunch I had so much fun with Dan’s mom shopping and creating some games for a Bridal Shower in honor of our family friend Miranda.  We compiled some prizes and thanks to our good friend Pinterest, we also planned some games for the shower attendees.  I love Bridal Showers and really any events that celebrate others!  It is so fun to shop around and find the perfect additions for a great party.  While shopping Janis and I FaceTimed my sister and the twins to share a theme we found for the twins 1st birthday!  Rosie answered the FaceTime, which naturally made my day, but unfortunately the connection was a little spotty.  I just love my nieces.  They are such cuties and it blows my mind how fast they are growing!

On Sunday, we had the super fabulous shower for Miss Miranda!!!!  It was such a special day and was literally filled with so much love.  You could feel the positivity and excitement radiating in the room, it was just such a great day.  I loved meeting all of Miranda’s extended family and taking a million pictures of the day!  Miranda grew up with my husband, but she has quickly become one of my good friends, as well.  We have enjoyed texting and snap chatting her way through wedding planning.  I just love all the details she has planned for her big day on 4/16!  We are so sad that we will be in China for her big day.  We already plan to have a fun weekend together after all of her wedding fun slows down.  Her shower was travel themed, and there wasn’t a detail missed.  Her mom, Judy Beth, enlisted the help of some of her friends in the area to find the perfect decor and bring it all together.  One of her friends created vases for the centerpieces wrapped in maps, a cute sign that said “Traveling from Miss to Mrs,” little globes with chocolate inside for the tables, and the list goes on!  I especially loved Miranda’s lack of kitchen knowledge as her fiancé is the chef in their relationship.  We laughed along with her as she opened up each gift.  It really was such a fun day for everyone that attended.  I am so happy that I was able to help here and there and spend the day with such a warm, loving group!  I wish Miranda all my love as she finishes up her planning and becomes in Mrs. in 12 days!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Miranda and I!

Loved spending the day with you Miranda!!!! Happy Almost Wedding 🙂

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