Day 2 & 3(Asakusa/Shibuya/Akihabara & Yokohama)

Once again I woke up bright and early to start our second full day in Japan. While still in Asakusa, we decided to explore the Senso-ji Temple which was right outside our hotel. We went first thing in the morning to beat the crowds. It was really beautiful and huge in size. We walked all around the grounds and looked at the different shrines. It would have been nice at that point to have a guide because we weren’t really totally sure what we were looking at. 

 After that we walked around and looked for some breakfast. Japan has really good coffee and we wanted to try their traditional breakfast so we walked into a place that had a sign for coffee. It ended up being a horse raising social club and was a hilarious experience because they didn’t have food and they just sort of stared at us while we drank our coffee.   
We then walked around the markets outside of the Senso-ji temple and got some melonpan plain and stuffed with Apple. It is really good sweet bread. We then got breakfast a little later. I had seaweed with rice and salmon inside and Dan had an egg sandwich which was similar to egg salad. 

We then decided to venture to Akihabara which is the electronics and anime district. It was insane. So many people and so many of the games where you drop a claw down to try to get prizes. We each tried one and were unsuccessful. We went to a bunch of stores which were 7 floors of random stuff. It was fun to look around. We had lunch at a beer hall there. It is interesting because in a bunch of dining places in Japan you order your food from a vending machine and pay. Then you get a ticket that says what you ordered. Then you sit at a table and hand the tickets to the waitress. It is very efficient but we have a little trouble because there aren’t always pictures on the vending machines haha. 

We went back and checked into our Ryokan for the night. In the ryokan you sleep on tatami mats on the floor. It was actually comfortable–I didn’t mind it. We stayed at the Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu which was right in the heart of Asakusa. 

After checking in we met up with my friend from college Michelle and her boyfriend Takeshi. We had dinner at a place in Shibuya where you have a big hot pot with two types of broth in the middle and you cook meat and veggies in the broth. It’s called Shabu Shabu. It was so good. We then went out for drinks in Golden Gai which is this town with 200 bars in like 3 blocks. The bars are teeny tiny with like 5 seats in each one. It was really fun. 

We went back to our ryokan and woke up to have a traditional Japanese breakfast there. We sat on the floor while we ate, and the food was great. 

After breakfast we got on the Japan Rail to head to Yokohama. It was an easy train ride to our hotel the Yokohama Intercontinental Grand. The hotel is very nice with beautiful views of the city. We settled in then went to Shin-Yokohama to the Ramen Museum. 

We ordered the Ramen in a similar fashion with the vending machines. There were several places within the museum to try the different type of ramen. We couldn’t figure out how to order the small bowls, but we wanted to try two places. We ended up having two large bowls and barely being able to breathe after haha. It was so delicious and as yummy as Ippudo in NYC. 

We came back to our hotel with intentions to relax a little then ride the Ferris wheel outside our building, but we both accidentally fell asleep for the night. Traveling is hard work, and I think we both needed the rest. 

Today we are off to Kyoto to celebrate Dan’s birthday. It is about a 3 hour train ride there. We are going to do a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto and get comfortable in our hotel. We are looking forward to it!

Hope you all are having a nice weekend!  It has been 70 and sunny each day here. 

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are some pictures from the last two days…


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