Day 8 (Osaka to Beijing)

We arrived pretty late in Osaka the other night after a few train switches. We ended up checking into our hotel, which I actually booked a smoking room (ugh, so gross) and now some of my clothes smell like stale cigarettes, I wasn’t happy. They were completely full so they couldn’t switch us out. The hotel was really nice though otherwise. 

We ate a small dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. It was good, but nothing to really write home about. I would definitely recommend eating elsewhere. We went to bed and woke up bright and early to explore a little of Osaka.

Where we stayed was like the 5th Ave of Osaka. It was called the Dotonbori and there were lots of designer shops and random shops. There was a castle in Osaka that many people recommend going to see, but I kind of wanted to just walk around our hotel area and explore instead of doing another major sightseeing. The castle was also a 35 minute train ride from our hotel, so being that we were leaving for Bejing at 5:30, we decided to stay local. 

I got my nail done after we had some ramen for breakfast. We then went to a place called Honolulu coffee for coffee which was so good. We enjoyed walking around and checking out the shops. We went to a place on the water for lunch which was just okay. Not really our favorite. Everyone was all lined up for these fried balls of octopus. We were pretty full, so we didn’t try them. 

We got in a cab to head to the airport for our flight. We drove for about 35 minutes to arrive at the Itami airport. 65 dollars later we found our we were actually at the wrong airport…oops we didn’t realize Osaka had two international airports. We got back in another cab and had to spend an hour and 120 dollars to get to the Kansai airport, KIX. We were glad we got there in time to get Dan’s bag on the flight. 

We flew China Eastern Airlines which was nice, but had a lot of rules. I have been reading on the kindle app on my phone and they would not let me while we were landing or taking off. I haven’t heard that before on other lines.  There was insane traffic in Beijing to get to the hotel. It was literally bumper to bumper at 9 pm. Our hotel is SO nice. It’s like a mini mansion. The bed is huge and the decorations are very lavish. We feel like ballers!

Today we are going to explore the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiannamen Square, and then we are going to a Kung Fu Show haha. It should be fun. 

Tomorrow we head back to the US. It is another 14 hour flight. Hope we can sleep a little! 

Also, all social media sites are blocked in China, so we can’t get on Facebook, Instagram, etc. I can chat on snapchat though!!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are some pictures from our travels…


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