Day 9 (Beijing)

We decided since we were only in Beijing for one full day to hire a tour guide to take us around. 

He picked us up at our hotel around 9 and took us right to Tiannamen Square. We walked through the square and then we went to the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City was huge. I did not realize how big it was. We enjoyed looking at all the artifacts and buildings and learning about the history. It was really crowded since it was the weekend and was super windy. I wore my hood most of the time and looked crazy. But that’s okay. 

We then went over to the Great Wall, which was so amazing. I am so happy we stopped in China to see the Great Wall. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. To get up to the wall we had to take a shuttle bus, then a ski lift looking thing. I loved the ski lift. It was scary, but so awesome to see the area from so high up. We then walked the wall and climbed up some of the watch towers. Our guide told us that the wall was actually constructed using a rice paste because they didn’t have the traditional mortar that you would use. We were only on a small part of the wall, but you could see so far out. One of my favorite parts of visiting the Great Wall was the way down. We rode tabogens on a track which were so fun. Dan took a video, once we are able to get on Facebook again he will upload it!

After touring the wall we went to a traditional Chinese lunch. The food was so good, as was the beer! We finished the day by going to a Kung Fu show, which was good. I fell asleep in the beginning because it was such a long day. 

We are excited to head home today. We leave around 3 and are back by 5:30 EST. 

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are some pictures…


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