Wedding Wednesday…Alternatives to a traditional Guest Book

One of my favorite details from our wedding was our guest book.  Instead of having a traditional guest book, my dad made Dan and I a set of custom corn hole boards that everyone signed.  I love it because we will forever cherish the boards and be able to have them for many years to come.  We can also share them with friends and family when they come over.  My parents also got us a set of corn hole bags, Penn State ones for me and Fordham ones for Dan.  I really loved the way they looked set up at our wedding and I can’t wait to use them!

My sister had a tree made and then had every guest stamp their fingerprint as a leaf.  She then had them sign within their finger print.  It was such a cute idea and now she has it to hang at her house.  You can really do whatever picture goes with the theme of you wedding or the theme of your house!

Another idea that I love is the Jenga pieces where guests write a note and sign their name on the Jenga blocks.  This is an easy and fun guest book.

You can also have a picture of you or your last name from your wedding matted and then have guests sign around the matting.  Then once it is all signed you can frame it to hang in your home.

Another cute idea I recently saw is an entry way bench.  If you buy or make an entry way bench, you can have your guests sign all around it, so you can put it in your entry way for many years to come!

If you are having a Photo Booth at your wedding, you can ask the photo booth operator to print two of every picture and then have guests past their picture into a book and sign next to it.

There are so many cool cutting boards out there that could also be used as a guest book.  You could get one in the shape of the state you got married or in the shape of the state you met in and have guests sign that.

I saw a really cute idea where guests signed Christmas ornaments so then each year, you can hang them all over your tree and remember your big day!

You can also buy a large platter and markers that will stay on it after it is baked to have guests sign.

Wine barrels can be hard to come by, but they look very cool signed by guests!

One wedding I saw on Pinterest had a variety of quilting squares that guests could design and write notes on, which would then be made into a quilt!

Another idea is if you get a calendar you can have guests sign their names on their birthdays so that you always have a way to remember their birthday and your big day.

I love the big beverage buckets that you can use to cool beverages when you have guests over.  You could have all of your guests sign your beverage bucket to remember your day.

I really like the idea of letters.  We have letters all over our house.  You can buy large wooden letters and have your guests sign the letters to later be hung at your house. You could also have the numbers that make up your wedding date for guests to sign if that is more your style.

One wedding I went to had guests write little messages on stones and then they put the stones all over their garden at their home.  You could also get a cute jar and put the stones in the jar!

If you have any fun ideas that you used for your wedding be sure to leave them in the comments!!! I always love hearing other people’s ideas!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

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