Feel GOOD Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! We have had the absolute best weather this week. It has really made me appreciate being back outside and love my job because I get to walk everywhere. 

This weekend we plan to work on the outside of our house. Putting down some mulch in our flowerbeds and cutting the grass. It is crazy we came back from Japan and our grass grew so high!!!! 

I love being outside. It makes me so happy. I have really enjoyed looking at all the tulips that are planted throughout Manhattan. They always have the best flowers going down Park Avenue. It always makes me appreciate the planet we live on! One thing I really liked about Japan was how much people respected the outdoor area. There was no litter, it really made the streets more beautiful. I wish Americans were a little more respectful of this. No one wants to see garbage everywhere!

We can’t wait to get our grill up and running for tomorrow. Our friends Erin and Marc are coming over to BBQ on our deck. The deck is one of my favorite places to spend the weekend and the evenings. I will post some pictures on Monday. 

How are you celebrating your weekend?

Thanks for reading and have a fun WEEKEND 🙂

Here is my picture of the day…

Beautiful Manhattan!

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