Savannah, you’re beautiful ❤️

This past weekend was one for the record books. It was simply just a great one. I love when I have a weekend that reminds me why it is so important to work hard during the week to fund a fabulous weekend.

My husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary on October 3rd, and wanted to put together a trip to celebrate, but we didn’t want to go too far and we wanted to go somewhere without the threat of Zika. 

We decided on Savannah, as it is somewhere I’ve never traveled to and Dan hadn’t been to Savannah in quite a long time. Dan’s maternal grandparents retired and later passed away in Savannah and he always talked about how beautiful it was down there. The funny thing was while we were in the midst of planning our trip, I happened to be talking to my sister-in-law and she started telling me how she was talking to some of the cousins and they were talking about maybe planning a trip to Savannah. It was funny because she didn’t know at the time that we had planned our trip and ironically they were talking about the same weekend. So we decided to turn the trip into a cousins weekend which made it so much more fun. Sorry Dan, I love traveling with just you and I, but you know my life motto–the more the merrier!

9 of us were able to go, which I think is pretty impressive given crazy schedules! Dan and I decided to stay in Reynolds Square at a 60 room inn, called the Planters Inn and everyone else stayed at the Marriot Waterfront, which was also a beautiful location. 

We were a little concerned being that Savannah was hit by Hurricane Matthew the week before, but all of our plans remained in place. Majority of the damage was downed trees and power outages, but most if not all of the power was back by the time we got in. We were very thankful for that, and of course I pray for those that were greatly impacted. 

We flew down from LGA, which was only about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I love quick flights! We were able to get an uber from the airport to our hotel and our driver was so sweet. She was born in Savannah and was telling us all about it on our way in. Nothing like a “free” tour, although I guess we technically paid for the ride. 

Some of the really nice things about the Planter’s Inn were that:

  • It was quaint and cute and felt very Savannah-ish
  • Breakfast was included daily
  • Every evening, besides Sunday, they have a wine and cheese happy hour for guests 
  • The staff was ever so kind and hospitable
  • The bed was insanely comfy 

I would definitely recommend the hotel!

Once the cousins all got into town, we decided to venture out to brunch. We went to a place called B Matthews which was very delicious. I had a fried green tomato BLT with pimento cheese, Dan had shrimp and grits, and the cousins had a bunch of other yummy breakfast scrambles and such. They also had a nice beverage list with some fun cocktails. 

We then walked around the waterfront which is filled with fun stores. Our lunch consisted of various samples from the peanut shop and candy for days. I don’t usually love candy, but man, Savannah has some really good candy shops. We then went a rooftop bar we stumbled upon called Rocks on the Roof which was really nice. We had a beautiful view of the waterfront and enjoyed the nice day. We decided to relax a little after and get ready for dinner. 

For dinner, we tried a restaurant called Cotton and Rye, which was absolutely amazing. It was a little off the beaten path, but we took ubers over to it and we don’t regret the ride over one bit! The food was deliciously and carefully prepared and our waitress was a gem. Her name was Helema (hopefully I’m spelling that right) and she had such great energy, and even better recommendations. My husband loved that she knew her burbon! She had so many great suggestions. Overall the entire staff was just extremely sweet and accommodating. When we go back to Savannah, we will certainly go back to Cotton and Rye. After dinner our group kindly went on a ghost tour with Dan and I. We were so excited for the ghost tour–it was the one thing we knew we wanted to do in Savannah. We chose the tour called Ghosts and Gravestones which is a trolley tour, but you get out and explore two additional locations. We had a tour guide named Sadie the Widow Maker and she was amazing. She made the tour so much fun. We then went to the biergarten on Bay Street, which truthfully I wouldn’t really recommend. They ran out of pretzels, like really?! What kind of biergarten runs out of pretzels when Savannah didn’t even seem crazy busy that weekend. It was a cool atmosphere but I hated the menu. They need a lesson from the biergarten in Hoboken, which will always have my heart!

Sunday we woke up a little later and decided to wander around a little more. We ventured through a few different squares, ate pizza at Mellow Mushroom, ate some sandwiches at Goose Feathers, went to a beautiful Parisian Market with lots of delicious smells, and walked around City Market. City Market is definitely a must see. They had so many cool shops. My favorite was the one for dogs, obviously. We finished the cousins weekend by going to visit Dan’s grandparents at the Bonaventure Cemetary.

Dan and I decided to stay one more night on Sunday night and take an early flight home Monday morning because it was so much cheaper. We decided to get some ice cream after the cousins left at a yummy place called Leopold’s. It was a cute old school ice cream shop with tons of delicious options. I got a banana milkshake with vanilla ice cream and a real banana and Dan got and ice cream cookie sandwich…both were so yummy! 

We went to the Olde Pink House for dinner which was amazingly delicious. We did a lot of eating on this trip haha. Our waiter was also so incredibly sweet. He went out of his way to be extra caring. Thank you Jordan for being so great! He made our last night in Savannah a memorable one! 

Well that’s all I have, although that seems like it was a lot! Hope you enjoy reading about our travels and plan a trip to Savannah yourself!

Thanks for reading and have a fun day 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our trip…

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  1. maddy721 says:

    Loved all your blogs and I’m so happy you’re back! Love you Holly ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Love you too!


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