Girl Power!

One thing that always makes me happy is receiving a nice compliment from another woman or paying a compliment to another woman. 

The other day I was standing in line paying for some lunch and this lady stopped me in my tracks to tell me how much she loved my engagement ring. It honestly caught me off guard. I, of course, said thank you, and then went about my day. 

I was so excited when I got home. I wanted to tell Dan because, after all, he picked out my engagement ring. I told him how nice it was and how it just sort of made my day. It was such a simple compliment and one that I didn’t even think I could take credit for because my husband designed my ring himself, but it was just so nice. We laughed at how it is really empowering for women to compliment one another, but it might be perceived strangely if a guy did it to another guy. It might be perceived as one guy is hitting on the other guy or something like that, which is weird. And it’s even weirder to me that it may be perceived strangely. Why is that? 

Anyways, the more I think about it the more I think we all just try to do our best. When it comes to getting ready in the morning I often throw something together and don’t think twice. But some people I know really work hard to do their hair, makeup, and pick out their outfits. If more people complimented one another maybe this world could be a little kinder and those that receive the compliment could have their day made. 

I encourage you to try it today. See if you strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Spread the love. 

Well that’s all I have! 

Thank for reading and have a fun loving day 🙂

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