Accessorizing with Rock My Vintage!

A few months back I was contacted by a fun vintage shop based in the U.K. called Rock My Vintage.

Rock My Vintage asked if I would be interested in working together with them on a blog post. I’ve been so excited to share this shop with you all because:

  1. They have really unique and fun pieces!
  2. This is the first sponsored post I have decided would be a good fit for my blog !

I love accessories. I think they are great because they can make a plain outfit pop and I personally feel a little more put together when I take the time to accessorize.

One of the biggest challenges for me, is that I always spend too much time picking an outfit or putting on makeup that I end up just throwing on random accessories and hoping they compliment my outfit.

Rock My Vintage sent me an awesome pair of earrings that don’t really take much thought to pair with outfits, which is why I love them!  If you want to search for them on the Rock My Vintage site, type in: Red Art Deco Geometric Earrings…or just click here:

What I loved about working with Rock My Vintage is that they sent me a few different options to choose from, as opposed to just saying, “here make these work…”

Here are the other accessories from their Red Mood Board.  I was asked to pick one, and they would in turn send me the item, which is how I got the Red Art Deco Geometric Earrings, #3!  The shipping was so fast, I couldn’t wait to open them when they came in the mail!

So many fun options from Rock My Vintage!!!

Here is another mood board they sent me with the Ultimate Party Girl theme (perfect ideas for a fun New Year’s Eve Bash!)…

Here are my top 10 favorites (in no particular order) currently available on Rock My Vintage (it was challenging for me to only pick 10!!!!)…

Find here:


Find here:


Find here:


Find them here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find them here:


Find them here:

Initially, I wanted to post pictures of me Rocking My Vintage earrings, but unfortunately I’m pregnant and haven’t been feeling great, so those pictures will come eventually, once I feel more up to posting selfies (I am not a fan of taking selfies…)

If you are interested in seeing how the earrings look in my ear, here’s a small preview…

Sorry for the blurriness, I tried about 20 times to make this shot more clear. As you can see these earrings are so cute. They are the perfect size for a more casual date night or could be the perfect addition to a smokin dress for a wedding or fancier event! I’ve worn these earrings to work and I’ve worn these earrings out with friends. They are so versatile and provide so many accesorizing opportunities.

So here’s your challenge…head over to Rock My Vintage and send me a few of your favorite items. You can email them to me at: I just might pick a lucky winner and send you a holiday surprise!

And if you’re still shopping for that special someone and want to get them a gift that’s unique, fun and modern…be sure to check out Rock My Vintage’s Christmas gift ideas…

Thanks for reading and happy shopping 😊

(Special thanks to Becky at Rock My Vintage for reaching out to me and for sending me my new favorite pair of fun earrings!!!)

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