Feel GOOD Friday…be KIND and change the world

Oh my gosh. What a beautiful story. This morning as I sat coughing my brains out with this terrible cold I have, I was scrolling on Facebook and found this story that was run on NBC and I was literally brought to tears…very HAPPY tears.

I often thing the media shares way too much sad news because unfortunately those are the stories that our sick twisted human minds click on, I myself am one of those people that clicks on things I know I shouldn’t because I’m curious about the story.

But today, I clicked on something that changed my life and made me so happy today. I would encourage you to watch the video yourself because I don’t think my words would ever do it justice. The basic summary of the story is that this is about a sweet boy with autism who went to the skate park with his mom to celebrate his birthday. A group of older kids turned the day into a birthday party for this sweet boy and the local police heard the story and took the time to recognize these amazing kids who took the time to make this little boys day. It’s stories like these that need to go viral. And on top of it all it was in my homestate of NJ. I couldn’t be more proud.

If you are a parent yourself, I would encourage you to share this story with your kids and hope that they are impacted and in turn practice kindness themselves. It’s a great video to get a really great conversation going with your kids. I know I’m going to show my little baby. She will be two next month, so while she’s little, it’s amazing to me how much she comprehends.

Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. It will certainly make me feel more excited and happy to raise my little daughter in the world. There are still wonderful people in this world.

(Disclaimer: this is a picture of the website. The play button will not work…)

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